What technologies do we use in the main app?

Chatbot with speech recognition 

Conversations are essential for learning a new language, as they enable you to practice your skills in real situations. While memorizing verb forms and conjugations is helpful, it may not be enough to make you conversational. This is where Mondly's chatbot with speech recognition comes into play.

By using this feature, you can engage in realistic conversations where the app listens to your speech, understands your input, and responds accordingly. 

The chatbot also provides feedback on your pronunciation, helping you improve your speaking abilities and build confidence for real-life interactions. Making the most of this feature will help you never struggle for the right words ever again in real interactions. 


We know how hard it can be to fit learning into your jam-packed schedule or routine. This is why Mondly made it possible for you to learn Spanish, French and more completely hands-free while also carrying out other activities. Whether you are working out, doing chores around the house or simply relaxing at the end of the day, Hands-Free allows you to simultaneously learn a new language.

Easily recognizable by its purple microphone symbol, Hands-Free makes the entire content of Mondly – including Daily Lessons – available in interactive audio format. For this reason, if you don’t feel like it, you don’t even need to keep your eyes glued to the screen. Your new learning assistant will always keep the conversation going with instant feedback and constant encouragement.

The Hands-Free feature is dynamic. This means that it will go over certain words and phrases again if you get them wrong. Hands-Free knows exactly how much practice you need and won’t stop until you’re perfect.