What is the structure of Mondly VR?

Mondly VR consists of more than 500 lessons organized into 55 new topics, Daily Lessons, Weekly Quizzes and Monthly Challenges, plus 8 scenarios and 5 vocabulary lessons as follows:

Mondly VR Scenarios

  1. Make friends on a train trip to Berlin.
  2. Order dinner at a restaurant in Tokyo.
  3. Check into a hotel in Paris.
  4. Chat with a hotel manager in Rome.
  5. Take a taxi ride in Hong Kong.
  6. Go on a shopping spree in Milan. 
  7. Make a hairdresser appointment in Athens.
  8. Buy a plane ticket to São Paulo.

Vocabulary lessons

  1. Learn about animals at the Moscow Zoo. (2 lessons)
  2. Take an unforgettable trip to Space.
  3. Enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables in Valencia. (2 lessons)