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Why learn English?

Learning English will open doors to many different personal and professional development opportunities. If you have decided to learn English, you may have made the best decision of your life.

Here are the best reasons to learn English:

  • It is the official language of a total of 94 countries – 67 independent and 27 autonomous.

  • It is the second most popular language learned after the mother tongue. Over 1 billion people worldwide can speak English.

  • Since it is the most spoken language globally, it will open doors to many international companies. English is considered the global language of the business world.

  • English-medium instruction (EMI) has become a widely adopted approach, especially in higher education institutions. By learning English, you’ll be able to study in international schools and increase your employability and prestige.

  • Learning English will give you access to a wealth of information that may not be available in your native language. You will be able to make the most of the English language content on the internet and read your favorite English language classics in the original.

  • Beyond all these, knowing English will also allow you to communicate and make friends everywhere you go.

  • Another benefit of being proficient in English is that it allows you to attend international schools and can increase your prestige. This is especially true in higher education, where the use of English as the medium of instruction (EMI) is widely adopted.

  • Being proficient in English can expand your access to research resources, as many are written in English. Additionally, being able to read English allows you to enjoy classic literature in its original form, or in translation to your native language. This can deepen your understanding and appreciation of the works.

  • An added benefit of being proficient in English is the ability to easily communicate with a wide range of people. English is one of the most widely spoken languages.

If these reasons motivated you to take action, you can start learning English right now. Let's find out how to learn English online!

Learn English online

Learn English online with free daily lessons

If you are wondering what is the best way to learn English free of charge, you are in the right place.
Meet Mondly, your new language learning app and the best study buddy for the future. Mondly helps millions of people learn not only English but also Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Arabic, and more. Not many human teachers can teach English the same way Mondly does. By using top-class gamification, the app makes learning English extremely fun and addictive. Get ready to practice your language skills in realistic situations and learn naturally. Let's see how to learn English using Mondly!

1. Learn the English language through words and expressions

Learning the English language is not about how many words you know. It’s about knowing the right words. With Mondly, you’ll focus on high-frequency, high-value words and build your English language vocabulary smarter, not harder. Arrange letters into words, words into sentences, and discover how easy it is to speak English from day 1.

Teaching English app
Teaching English app

2. Listen to fluent English speakers

The best way to learn a new language is by listening and learning from the best. With Mondly, you can listen to real-life dialogues between fluent speakers and follow their lead. With the help of dynamic conversations, feedback on pronunciation, and intelligent suggestions, Mondly mimics the experience of immersion learning and helps you learn English naturally. In addition, the app can also reduce foreign language anxiety and help you refine your speaking skills without fear of embarrassment.

English pronunciation
English pronunciation

3. Practice what you’ve learned

Practice every day! Thanks to the Daily Lessons, it is really easy to keep a daily routine. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening – use Mondly to improve each of these basic language skills a little every day, and you’ll see the results in no time. After you’re done practicing, make sure to do or redo all the lessons and review the word lists to always keep them fresh.

English native speakers
English native speakers

4. Immerse yourself in English

There is no better way to learn English than by immersing yourself in the language. Watch English videos, listen to podcasts while commuting, read the news, translate anything you hear, read a book or watch a movie. Or, better yet, experience the most advanced way to practice languages from the comfort of your couch through Mondly VR. The VR app uniquely complements Mondly’s mobile language learning app, enabling you to refine your speaking skills in a fully immersive language journey.

English repetition
English repetition

How to learn English with Mondly

English learning app

  1. 1. Start with Daily Lessons. Daily practice is the key to staying motivated and becoming accustomed to the English language. Our interactive Daily Lessons are the best way to learn English progressively and without getting bored.

  2. 2. Learn using practical topics. Learn only what’s relevant by exploring practical topics such as ‘shopping’ or ‘hotel reservations’. Each topic covers the essential English words, phrases, idioms, and the most used English dialogues with their respective pronunciations.

  3. 3. Test yourself. Keep your mind sharp with bite-sized daily challenges. Finish them all and unlock the Weekly Quizzes. Once those are all done as well, you’ll get access to a Monthly Challenge to review everything you’ve learned. It sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it?

  1. 4. Practice speaking the English language. Practice real-world conversations and speak English like you’ve always wanted with the Mondly chatbot or take it to the next level. Using Mondly VR, you can immerse yourself in a new country and talk to the natives from the comfort of your home. Like talking to an old friend, speaking a new language has never been easier!

  2. If you want to enjoy while improving your pronunciation in English, we prepared more than 70 tongue twisters for you to challenge yourself!

  3. 5.Track your progress. The ‘Statistics’ section is where you’ll go whenever you want to see how much you’ve learned. Discover how many words and phrases you’ve mastered, how much time you’ve spent learning or go to the ‘Leaderboard’ to see your rank in the national and international tops, add your friends and compete with each other.

English learning app

Interesting facts about the English language

English landmark

The oldest letter in English is ‘I’.

Shakespeare added exactly 1700 words to the English language.

No ‘B’ letters are ever used up to the word billion, and the first number using the letter ‘A’ is 1000.

A new English word is born every 98 minutes. ‘Whatevs’, ‘chillax’, ‘cringe’, ‘b-day’ are only a few of the newest words in English. The word ‘selfie’, for example, has become used in all countries.

The number of English-speaking people in China is higher than in the United States. Additionally, there are more English-speaking people in Nigeria than in England.

The shortest sentence in English is ‘Go!’ and the longest word is ‘pneu­mon­oultra­mic­ro­scop­ic­silicov­ol­cano­coni­os­is’, which is a disease that occurs in the lungs as a result of inhaling silica dust.

The English word with the most common pronunciation mistakes is ‘pronunciation’.

English landmark

The benefits of learning the most common English words first

Learn useful English phrases for real situations

Build practical language skills for real life with short lessons focusing on the most common real-life situations. Our courses cover the most frequent everyday scenarios like greetings, shopping, ordering food at a restaurant, or making reservations. Just choose your favorite topic and start to learn English! You’ll soon master all the English words, sentences, phrases, and idioms related to your selected topic.

Have a real conversation with our English Chatbot

Experience real interactions with an intelligent voice chatbot that simulates real conversations with fluent speakers. Jump right in and practice your conversation skills by talking the same way you would with a real person. Afraid of getting a word wrong? Don’t worry about it. Every time you have difficulties with your pronunciation, the app offers instant feedback on your pronunciation. Not many human teachers would be this thorough, but our chatbot is ready to repeat as often as needed.

Enjoy the finest Speech Recognition technology

Imagine having an English teacher in your pocket ready to jump in and help you every step of the way during your language journey. This is essential when you want to improve and master pronunciations. That’s why Mondly has developed state-of-the-art Speech Recognition software that checks your English pronunciation in real time and suggests improvements on the spot. Fast feedback is key to the accelerated learning of any language and that’s exactly what we are aiming for.

Listen to crystal-clear audio from professional English fluent speakers

With Mondly you will learn the correct English pronunciations by listening to phrases spoken by fluent speakers. We have worked with professional English speakers all over the world to bring you a high-class audio experience that we believe is essential to learn English fast. This way, the next time you’ll have a conversation with an English speaker, get ready to receive compliments for your great accent and flawless pronunciation.

Learn a new language anytime, anywhere - on your desktop, smartphone or tablet

Learn English online
Learn English online
Learn English online
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