What categories and lessons do I have in Mondly for learning?

If you want to know what Mondly offers, it’s best to explore its categories in-depth. The learning process is gradual, so every category completed represents a significant step toward fluency. Probably the most popular categories in the Mondly app are the Chatbot and the Daily Lesson. 

  • The Chatbot

Launched in August 2016, the conversational Chatbot has a dedicated category on the main app screen immediately under “Hello”. You can’t and really shouldn’t miss it, as influential media companies consider it “the closest thing to a real interaction”. 

So what does the Chatbot do? Essentially, it imitates real conversations. It understands what you say and replies using a human voice to make the interaction seem as real as possible. Its goal is to provide fun and adaptive lessons that will encourage you to practice the target language in everyday scenarios, such as ordering in a restaurant, making an appointment, or shopping for souvenirs.

Additionally, the Chatbot recognizes millions of inputs and creates adaptive visual responses when it understands what you say. So don’t be shy and feel free to talk beyond suggestions by giving different answers within the same topic. There’s a very high chance the Mondly Chatbot will understand your input and answer accordingly.

  • The Daily Lesson

The free Daily Lesson has been the most popular feature among Mondly learners since the beginning. Since its inception in 2015, learners have received this bite-sized piece of knowledge every day without exception. The total number of Daily Lessons created by Mondly until today exceeds 2600.

Compact and very entertaining, the Daily Lesson aims to enable you to beef up your knowledge for at least 5 or 10 minutes daily. Just set the desired time to learn and the app will send you a friendly reminder every day. To make the learning process more enjoyable for you, each Mondly Daily Lesson is a gamified experience just like the rest of the lessons in the app: you swipe up and down, select the right answer, arrange letters into words and words into sentences, use your voice to repeat the correct pronunciation of certain words and earn points for every completed lesson. If you are motivated by having competition, do all the lessons and let the points decide your place on the leaderboard.

  • Weekly Quizzes and Monthly Challenges

By completing all seven Daily Lessons of the week, you unlock the Weekly Quiz. Thus, at the end of each week, you can refresh your memory by reviewing the words and phrases you learned in the past few days.

The Weekly Quiz contains a mix of exercises similar to the ones in the Daily Lessons and takes about 10 minutes to complete. Naturally, completing this quiz comes with bonus points that will significantly increase your world rank and help you level up faster.

Furthermore, completing all the Weekly Quizzes of the month will unlock the Monthly Challenge: a new opportunity to cement your knowledge, track your progress, and earn even more points.