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Why learn Korean?

Learning Korean can unlock numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. Deciding to learn Korean could be one of the most rewarding decisions you make.

Here are the best reasons to learn Korean:

  • Korean is the official language of both South and North Korea, and is also spoken by large communities in countries such as China, Japan, and the United States.

  • Korean culture, especially K-pop and Korean dramas, has gained immense popularity globally, making Korean one of the most sought-after languages for cultural enthusiasts.

  • Learning Korean can open doors in the business world, particularly in technology and entertainment industries, where South Korea is a major player.

  • South Korea is known for its advancements in education and technology. By learning Korean, you can access educational resources and opportunities in these fields.

  • Korean offers access to a rich literary tradition and contemporary works that are often best appreciated in their original language.

  • Knowing Korean enhances your travel experiences in Korea and helps you build deeper connections with Korean-speaking people around the world.

Korean is the official language of South Korea and North Korea, with significant speaker communities in neighboring countries like China, Japan, and Russia, primarily due to historical connections and Korean diaspora. While there are Korean-speaking communities in the United States and other countries, the largest concentration of fluent Korean speakers is in the Korean Peninsula. The number of Korean speakers worldwide is estimated to be around 80 million. Learning Korean, can be a smart choice, especially for those interested in Korean culture, business, or international relations in East Asia.
So, are you ready to learn how to speak Korean? Great! Then let’s find out how to learn Korean online.

Learn Korean online

Learn Korean online with free daily lessons

If you are wondering what is the best way to learn Korean free of charge, you are in the right place.
Meet Mondly, the language app helping millions of people worldwide learn Korean online through free daily lessons. Using rapid language learning techniques, Mondly will teach you the Korean language quickly, effectively and in a fun way. Developed and refined over years of work in the field of language learning, the app follows 4 extremely powerful principles:

1. Explore the Korean language through common phrases, not individual words

Phrases are easier to remember because they have meaning, they paint a picture, they tell a story. By focusing on common phrases, in just minutes you’ll start memorizing the most common Korean words, form sentences, learn to speak Korean phrases and take part in conversations. In no time, Mondly’s fun and smart Korean lessons will improve your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation like no other language learning method ever can.

Teaching Korean app
Teaching Korean app

2. Listen to fluent Korean speakers

We, humans, cannot rapidly learn the Korean language by reading textbooks, but by hearing the language being used naturally in an everyday context. That’s why Mondly is working with professional fluent speakers to record crystal clear voices so you can enjoy flawless pronunciations and accents.

Korean pronunciation
Korean pronunciation

3. Practice what you’ve learned

Speaking is an essential part of learning Korean. Because immersing yourself in other cultures can be time consuming and expensive, we have developed a technology that immerses you in real conversations from the comfort of your own home. So, you can now practice a casual conversation with a fluent, book a hotel room or order food in a restaurant anytime, anywhere.

Korean native speakers
Korean native speakers

4. Immerse yourself in Korean

The endless repetition of words has little benefit to learning Korean. However, there is a magic interval between repetitions that will help you memorize new words and phrases in no time. The app knows these magic intervals for repetition and uses them to help you permanently pick up words and phrases. No wonder millions of people around the world trust Mondly to be the best way to learn Korean for free.
Next, let’s find out how to learn Korean free of charge and fast with Mondly.

Korean repetition
Korean repetition

How to learn Korean with Mondly

Korean learning app

Mondly kicks off your language journey with a basic dialogue between two individuals in Korean. You'll swiftly begin absorbing your initial Korean vocabulary by associating words with images and constructing sentences and phrases. After a 45-minute session, you'll be capable of reproducing that conversation in your own voice. The app offers a comprehensive suite of activities, including reading, listening, writing, and speaking tasks, supported by a Korean dictionary, a verb conjugator, and advanced speech recognition technology. It's like having a personal Korean tutor in your pocket. Soon, you'll reap the lifelong benefits of acquiring a new language. This method presents a highly effective and best way to learn Korean.
At Mondly, we understand that rapid language learning hinges on concentrating on core words. These frequently used words form the foundation of your essential vocabulary. Hence, there's no need to master a million Korean words; just focus on those regularly used in daily conversations by fluent speakers. In fact, fluency and expressiveness in Korean can be achieved with a vocabulary of just 2500 words and phrases. Consequently, this approach greatly diminishes the time and effort needed to become proficient in a second language.

Korean learning app

Interesting facts about the Korean language

Korean landmark

Korean has a significant and growing presence online. This is especially notable in areas like technology, entertainment (including K-pop and Korean dramas), and online gaming, where South Korea is a global leader. Learning Korean allows you to access a wealth of unique and engaging content in these fields that might not be available in English. Additionally, with the rise of South Korea as an economic and cultural powerhouse, understanding Korean opens doors to various business and cultural opportunities and enriches your understanding of a dynamic part of the world.
The Korean language is known for its dynamic evolution, with new words and phrases being regularly added to the dictionary. These additions often reflect contemporary cultural and technological trends. For instance, Korean frequently incorporates 'Konglish' words, which are terms borrowed from English and adapted to fit Korean phonetics and syntax. Moreover, the rise of digital culture and social media has introduced unique slang and expressions that resonate with the younger generation. These new terms often originate from popular Korean dramas, music, and internet culture, reflecting the country's rich and evolving linguistic landscape. This constant evolution of the Korean language showcases its ability to adapt to modern influences while maintaining its unique character.

Korean landmark

The benefits of learning the most common Korean words first

Learn Korean Online for free with Mondly by Pearson

Real-Life Situations Identified by Experts: Our team of language experts have carefully selected scenarios you're most likely to encounter. Tailored Short Lessons: The app simplifies the learning process into concise lessons, focusing on practicality. Organized into Relevant Themes: Lessons are grouped into themes for targeted learning. Choose Your Topic of Interest: You have the freedom to select topics that interest you the most.

Have a real conversation with our Korean Chatbot

Imagine having the ability to engage in genuine conversations right from your home. This is the core idea behind our creation of a virtual conversational partner. This sophisticated software enables you to have intelligent, meaningful interactions. When you start using the app, it initiates conversations, comprehends your responses, and replies as a fluent Korean speaker would. Concerned about making mistakes? There's no need to be. The app provides immediate feedback whenever you slip up or struggle with pronunciation. Each conversation you have brings you a step closer to fluency and boosts your confidence to speak Korean in real-world situations.

Enjoy the finest Speech Recognition technology

Picture this: a Korean tutor right in your pocket, always available to assist you throughout your language learning journey. This is crucial for honing and perfecting your pronunciation skills. Mondly has crafted cutting-edge Speech Recognition technology specifically for this purpose. It evaluates your Korean pronunciation instantly and provides immediate suggestions for enhancement. Rapid feedback is essential for quick language acquisition, and that's precisely what Mondly strives to offer.

Listen to crystal-clear audio from professional Korean fluent speakers

With Mondly, you'll master accurate Korean pronunciation by hearing phrases uttered by fluent speakers. We've collaborated with professional Korean speakers globally to deliver a top-tier audio experience, which we consider vital for rapid Korean learning. As a result, when you next converse with a Korean speaker, prepare yourself for praise on your excellent accent and impeccable pronunciation.

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Learn Korean online
Learn Korean online
Learn Korean online
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Learn Korean for free with Mondly

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