What kind of app is Mondly? What does it do?

Mondly is a freemium language-learning platform comprising a website and several different apps that help people learn foreign languages using an innovative and highly gamified approach.

Based on a methodology that combines vocabulary & phrase learning with state-of-the-art speech recognition and chatbot technologies, Mondly aims to help learners speak a new language with confidence. The app provides instant feedback and pronunciation, as well as grammar features and conjugation tables.

Mondly focuses on practical topics and real-life conversations, so everyone will only learn what matters most and get fluent faster. The app teaches everything from basic conversations to business content for personal improvement and workforce training.

Created by language experts with over 100 years of cumulated experience, Mondly is fun, easy to use, and highly effective. If you want to boost your conversation skills, build your vocabulary and speak fluent fast, Mondly is definitely your go-to app.