Do you have to pay for Mondly? What’s included in the free version of Mondly?

The free version of the main app includes access to Daily Lessons, the entire Hello category, and a chatbot lesson. 

However, if you want to explore more content before paying a monthly or a yearly subscription fee, you can activate the 7-day free trial. By activating this trial, you’ll be granted access to the entire Premium content of the app. 

If you choose to continue with Premium, you’ll be billed automatically after the free trial.

If you purchase Premium through the Mondly mobile app, you should know that Google or Apple will be the payment processor and not Mondly. It depends on the device you’re completing your order.

Your bank statement can show the following:

  • Google Play – Android with Mondly apps downloaded from Play Store;
  • Apple – iOS with Mondly apps downloaded from App Store;
  • 2Checkout – if you purchased Premium through the Mondly website.