What are the main app sections?

The five sections of the Mondly main app are placed at the bottom of the screen as follows: categories, lessons, statistics, leaderboard, and shop. Let's see how each of them works and how to make the most of them in your learning journey.

  • Categories

The “Categories” section is the section where you can find all the learning categories in Mondly. As you can see, the entire learning experience in Mondly is based on a map. The more categories you master, the further you’ll travel on the map. Just follow the dotted line and make sure you complete all the lessons in every new category. To explore all the 33 categories in the app, swipe left. When you decide which category you want to study, simply tap on it.

  • Lessons 

The “Lessons” section is where you’ll see an overview of each lesson, including how much time you’ve spent on it, what’s the completion percentage, how many stars you’ve earned, or how many lessons are left in the category. Additionally, if you want to learn something about a specific subject, you can use the “search” feature in this section to search for your favorite topics.

  • Statistics 

The “Statistics” section is where you’ll go whenever you want to see how much you’ve learned. Here you can see how many words and phrases you’ve mastered, how much time you’ve spent learning and what is the number of consecutive days in which you’ve accessed the app. The more colored the brain diagram, the bigger your learning progress. 

Furthermore, if you tap on the colored nodes on the brain diagram, you’ll be able to quickly recap all the words and phrases you’ve learned along the way. The color code relates to the type of lesson: the purple nodes represent vocabulary lessons; the blue ones represent the categories, the green ones are the daily lessons, and the red ones are the conversation lessons. Streak represents the number of days in a row that the user completed a lesson and how it resets if you miss one.

 Once you find a word or phrase you’d like to review, tap again to see its translation and hear the correct pronunciation. “Statistics” is also the section where you can see what’s your level and how many points you earned. 

  • Leaderboard

The “Leaderboard” section is where you can see your rank in the national and international tops, add your friends and compete with each other. Additionally, there are also filters you can select in order to view monthly or yearly tops and even sort the tops depending on the number of days in a row or the number of points earned. 

  • Mondly Shop 

If you didn’t invest in a Mondly Premium subscription yet and want to get one now, you can go to the shop section. Here, you can choose the best Premium plan for you and purchase it with just a few simple steps.

If you purchase Premium through the Mondly mobile app, you should know that Google or Apple will be the payment processor and not Mondly. It depends on the device you’re completing your order. Your bank statement can show the following:

  • Google Play – Android with Mondly apps downloaded from Play Store;
  • Apple – iOS with Mondly apps downloaded from App Store;
  • 2Checkout – if you purchased Premium through the Mondly website.