How does Mondly Kids work?

Mondly Kids uses the same language learning principles of Mondly to help children learn the basics of a new language through play. The app packs everything little learners need to conquer a new language:

  • gamified lessons
  • popular topics such as animals
  • nature
  • food
  • family
  • sports
  • easy-to-use drag & drop functionality
  • multiple-choice exercises
  • kid-friendly illustrations
  • cool sounds to keep them engaged throughout the entire experience

In a nutshell, the app offers access to the most common words and phrases in a new language, it enriches children’s vocabulary and makes the process of learning a new language feel natural and super fun.

Besides, Mondly Kids is designed to involve parents as well. Start by choosing the language you want your child to speak, then select the preschool or school language level and they’re ready to go.

While they stay focused and have fun learning the ABCs of a new language, you - whether you’re a mommy or a daddy - can track their learning journey. The special statistics section will give you a glimpse into your child’s fast progress with the new language.