How does Mondly AR work?

For this experience, your phone will work as a lens. As soon as you get Mondly AR started, you'll see that it will allow you to discover, explore and interact with a new virtual world that blends seamlessly with your real one. Whether in one of your rooms at home, on the street, or in the park, Mondly AR works perfectly as long as the environment is not too dark or noisy. 

Mondly AR features a virtual language learning assistant who brings virtual creations like planets, animals, and musical instruments into your world as teaching tools, engages you in conversations, and gives instant feedback on pronunciation using the chatbot technology. Incorporating these lifelike elements into your language lessons makes you more likely to understand, process, and retain what you are taught. The experience is designed to make an impression on anyone learning.

Imagine having a life-sized elephant in your living room. That will surely help you remember that "elephant" is "elefante" in Spanish.