Mondly Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary With 75 Million Learners Worldwide

May 28 marks Mondly’s 7th anniversary. Here’s a timeline of its journey through time.

Mondly Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary With 75 Million Learners Worldwide

We are beyond happy to celebrate with all of you Mondly’s birthday and a new milestone: 75 million learners.

Seven years ago today, Mondly made its official debut on the App Store with two of the most spoken languages in the world: Spanish and French. Since then, Mondly’s language portfolio has grown to 41 languages surpassing most language learning solutions available on the market.

And that’s not everything. Over the years, Mondly has had multiple exciting announcements: the chatbot with speech recognition, the virtual and augmented reality language learning experiences, the all-new hands-free module for learning languages on the go, the English progress tests created in partnership with Oxford University Press and so much more.

But none of this would have been possible without our team, our partners, and our users all around the world. Thank you for being a part of our journey of learning languages through play.

To celebrate this important milestone, we made an anniversary timeline of Mondly through the years. While there have been many notable moments since Mondly’s official launch on the App Store, the milestones below reflect some of the most significant over the past 7 years.

Happy anniversary to all those of you learning languages with Mondly!

mondly timeline

Join 75 million people learning languages with Mondly

At Mondly, our mission has always been to help people speak new languages fast through technological innovation and the recognition we received over these past 7 years has continuously fueled our creativity and desire to make an impact.

We are beyond happy that more and more people joined us in our journey to learn languages through play and we pledge ourselves to continue to do the best work of our lives with Mondly.

Join our 75 million strong community today and speak like a native in no time.

One comment on “Mondly Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary With 75 Million Learners Worldwide

  1. I love Mondly! It has become my favorite app to learn languages. I enjoy it more than Duolingo. It should keep adding new topics and new languages.

    It should improve by having a one-month free premium to try and an option to cancel at any time within the one month. Later it should be with having a six month to one year premium and also cancelling at any time an option.

    I want to learn Armenian and Swahili too, and may Mondly add them in the future. I am glad to find Hindi, Chinese, Portuguese and Turkish on Mondly which I want to learn in the future. I am using Mondly to learn Russian and Romanian currently.

    This great app deserves to have more than 100 languages available to learn, something I hope is accomplished later.

    For the 10th anniversary in three more years, 2024, may Mondly have more than 50 languages available already.

    What if we get a lifetime premium for an affordable price? Then we get to become fluent in a new language!

    To get fluent in a language it’s great to know some 3800 words, and Mondly has 5000 words to learn. It can still go with adding up to 10,000 words, though.

    It has no ads and compatible with all mobile devices, which makes Mondly awesome. We should get an opportunity to connect with a native speaker in a target language via Mondly.

    Congratulations to you and may Mondly keep improving for time to come, and I am using Mondly a lot to learn languages because it’s awesome!

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