Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language This Year

Becoming multilingual can improve your life in ways you can’t even imagine. Start learning a new language right now!

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language This Year

Learning a foreign language can literally change your life: increase your self-esteem, jumpstart your professional life and more. Despite this, it is something that most people only pursue if relocation or other life circumstances require it. This is a shame because developing an understanding of languages offers a wide array of benefits. You might think that knowing a foreign language is only necessary when interacting with a person who speaks that language. However, the very act of becoming multilingual can improve your life in ways you can’t even imagine.

Improve your life: enjoy amazing new opportunities by learning a foreign language

1. Communicate with people all over the world

Many people assume that English is the most commonly used language on Earth, but that isn’t the case. It’s true that many countries around the globe cater to English speakers, especially in business and travel hubs. However, Mandarin is the most spoken language, Spanish is the third and French is the 18th. In total, they count for 1.5 billion speakers worldwide representing over 21% of the global population. Learning either of these languages will be a major boost to your ability to communicate internationally.

2. Develop new career options

The fact that learning a foreign language can help your career is a major selling point for many people. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to become the next global household name or simply someone who travels a lot for work, being multilingual could create new possibilities for you. 

3. Climb the ladder in your chosen career

Maybe you don’t want to seek out new career options but would rather move up within your current company. If so, adding new skills to your resume is an excellent way to convince your superiors that you’re ready. It doesn’t matter what sort of work you do. Almost all jobs require you to interact with others, and there might be times that those you interact with speak a foreign language.

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Sharpen your thinking: experience unexpected benefits by becoming multilingual

4. Expand your mind

Language is a habit. Every day, we practice our native language. Not only is this true while we are actively engaging with others, but also when we are contemplating things on our own. Can you envision what it would be like to think in a foreign language? Polyglots often realize that they are different people when speaking a foreign language. They have a different personality, a different voice. That’s why learning a new language life-changing experiment with the potential of showing you a different side of you. Aren’t you curious about discovering your alternate personalities? With so many languages you can learn there are tens of different sides of you. Why not give it a try now. It only takes a few minutes to learn the most common Spanish words.

5. Slow the aging process

Learning new things can help your brain stay active as you age. It’s never too late to learn something new, especially if it can sharpen your thinking. In fact, research has shown that older adults are equipped to learn foreign languages, and doing so can help slow the aging process. While it’s true that young children learn a language the easiest, with a little effort, an older adult can become fluent as well. As you grow, learn and continue to expand your mind, you may notice an increase in mental sharpness. You can start by looking over some popular French phrases.

6. Cultivate creativity

Challenging your mind can increase your creativity as much as it improves your memory. An active mind is a creative mind. When you teach your brain to do something differently, it will begin exploring in other ways as well. If you’re creative minded but have found yourself in a bit of a funk the past few years, learning a new language might provide you with the boost you need.

7. Develop a better understanding of  your own language

Exposing yourself to a fresh style of speech and language structure can help you gain a better understanding of your native language as well. Often, children learn English through memorization and practice rather than having a deep understanding of the structure of the language itself. Speaking in a foreign language helps you notice these differences in structure and gain a better understanding of how your own language functions. This is ideal for writers or other professionals who would like to improve their native skills on top of learning the new language.

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Increase self-esteem: feel great about who you are after mastering a foreign language

8. Become a strong member of society

If you subscribe to the worldview that every individual contributes something important to the whole, then you’ll realize how important learning a foreign language can be. As a multilingual, you’ll be the translator, the communicator and the one who bridges cultures. Every educated human being makes this world a better place. Wouldn’t it feel good to know that you’re playing a key role?

9. Feel attractive and interesting

Do you struggle to make small talk at events or parties? Have you often wished that you feel like a more interesting person? Knowing a foreign language is always an excellent conversation starter, and it can improve self-esteem. You might even meet someone who speaks the same foreign language and have something fun in common. As Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world you might want to start by learning a few Spanish phrases.

10. Experience a deeper connection

Learning a foreign language naturally exposes you to aspects of other cultures that you might not have been familiar with before. Many of the barriers between cultures are based on meaningless fear, and by immersing yourself in other cultures, you will be helping to break through those barriers. Not only will you improve your life and better yourself as a person, but you’ll also be a positive influence on others.

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