Learn Croatian: 7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Croatian

Why should you learn Croatian?

Learn Croatian: 7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Croatian

Croatia is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe. It shares a border with Slovenia, Hungary, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its coastline faces the Adriatic Sea. The main dialect of the Croatian language is štokavski, but kajkavski and čakavski are other common dialects in the area. All of these dialects share similarities with the languages spoken in the surrounding countries. However, Croatian is written using the Latin alphabet, whereas the other languages feature the Cyrillic alphabet.

Reasons to Learn Croatian: A Personal Journey with a Beautiful Language

Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Do you need a push to get you motivated to begin? Maybe you know that you want to expand your mind by learning a language, but you aren’t sure which language to choose. Some people need to learn a certain language for work purposes, but others don’t feel a pull toward any particular tongue. If so, you might want to add Croatian to the list of foreign languages you are considering.

1. Learning Croatian Provides a Gateway to Other Languages

After you learn the basics of Croatian, you will be able to pick up on similar languages, such as Bosnian, Serbian, Bulgarian, and Slovenian. Each of these languages shares similarities with Croatian. However, as we mentioned, Croatian features the Latin alphabet, making it the best of these languages for an English speaker to begin with.

2. Croatia Has a Magical Landscape

Croatia has a lot to offer tourists. Aside from the quaint farmlands and beautiful rolling hills, there are more than 1200 islands you can visit during your stay. The country has eight national parks and even more nature areas that hikers and rock climbers may enjoy visiting. Fans of the hit HBO show “Game of Thrones” will also be excited to learn that some of the show was filmed on location in the country.

When visiting, you’ll have a more immersive experience if you have a grasp on the language. Being able to have clear conversations with the locals could help you find your way to some of the best-hidden spots in the country.

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3. Croatian Food is Amazing

One of the best parts about visiting a foreign country is testing out the food. Pastries and pastas are staples in the area, and if you want to try out all the different varieties, it will be helpful to get the pronunciation of “manistra na pome” correct.

4. Croatian is Fun to Speak

If you love the idea of being able to fluently speak beautiful languages and impress your friends with your skills, then Croatian is an excellent choice. Many believe that it’s one of the most enjoyable languages to speak.

5. Language Learning Can Help Your Career

Aside from tourism, which brings millions of visitors to the country each year, the main industries in Croatia are shipbuilding, food processing, construction and petrochemicals. If you’re involved in any of these industries, it might benefit your career to be able to fluently speak Croatian. Having this skill might even put you in the running to visit the country for work purposes if the opportunities arise in the future.

Even if you aren’t involved in an industry that relates directly to the Croatian economy, knowing the language can still benefit your career. Showing potential employers that you have the drive and commitment to learn a language might just be the thing that inspires them to pick you over someone else.

6. You’ll Be Developing a Unique Skill Set

When most English speakers set out to learn a language, they choose something like French, Spanish or German. By learning Croatian, you’ll be developing a unique skill that will help you stand out from the crowd. This might benefit you in your career, but it could also be a simple factor that helps you feel better about yourself.

7. You Feel Drawn to the Language

Perhaps you don’t need to learn a language for career or travel purposes, but there’s something about the sound of the Croatian language that fascinates you. If so, you shouldn’t hold back on learning just because there isn’t an obvious reason for it.

Language learning can:

  • Stimulate your mind and help stave off the risk of dementia as you age.
  • Help raise your self-esteem and increase feelings of personal value.
  • Become a fun and fascinating hobby that you do on your own or with other passionate learners in your community.
  • Bring you closer to the world around you, helping you feel engaged with online friends and others who speak the language around the globe.

Learning Foreign Languages: Creating a Plan for Studying Croatian

If you’re ready to begin your journey with learning Croatian, you can get started now with one of the many apps (iOS or Android) that allows you to learn languages online. However, before you begin, it can be helpful to have a plan for success.

1. Know Your Motivation

It’s always good to know why you’re doing something. Much like any other pursuit, language learning is a process. There will be ups and downs, and during the rough moments, it will be easier to remain committed to the goal if you know why you’re doing this.

2. Set a Study Schedule

You don’t have to follow a strict schedule if that doesn’t work for you, but it’s good to have a basic idea of when you can fit in your language learning. Will you practice during the commute to work? Can you study on your lunch break or during your evening jog on the treadmill? You can likely squeeze language learning into your day in a number of ways. Making a list before you get started will help you create solid new habits for practice.

3. Document Your Progress

When it comes to challenges like language learning, it can be very helpful to celebrate your progress as you go. When you meet a big goal, like being able to speak a complete sentence, read a paragraph or hold a basic conversation, you should enjoy the glow of your success. Blogging or writing in a journal about these moments will give you a physical record you can examine if you get frustrated learning more advanced aspects of the language in the future.

You deserve the best in life, and if learning Croatian is something you desire, don’t put it off. Bettering yourself will expand your horizons in ways you can’t even imagine.

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