Virtual Reality for Language Learning: Does It Really Work for Businesses?

Want to stop worrying about making mistakes when learning a language? Experience Mondly VR.

Virtual Reality for Language Learning: Does It Really Work for Businesses?

One of the biggest challenges that language learners face is developing the confidence to speak their new language, especially at the beginning.

You struggle to form sentences. Your accent is all over the place. And you often get blank reactions you get when you try to express yourself.

But thanks to cutting-edge technologies like Mondly VR these typical language learning obstacles are a thing of the past. Both individuals and businesses can use these tools to practice their skills in an immersive language learning scenario, without even needing to leave home.

Keep reading to find out more about virtual reality technologies and how they can help you support your corporate language learning journey.

What is virtual reality (VR)?

Virtual reality is a simulated experience of the real world. You can interact with it via a digital headset and usually some form of input tracking.

Using a combination of 3D visuals and audio, it uses digital technologies to create a totally immersive world. Mentally and physically, you feel like you are there. Turn your head from the action and you won’t see your dog waiting for their walk or your partner scrolling social media. You’ll only see another part of this digital world.

Although the technology has been in existence for many years, it was the emergence of gaming headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that made people notice the future potential of this innovative and immersive technology.

The role of VR in language education

But it’s not only gamers who can benefit from this growing technology. These days, VR technologies have been adopted throughout school and university classrooms around the globe because of the unique advantages they can offer learners.

As research shows, both engaging with this artificial, safe 3D world and gamification allows students to put those essential skills into practice in a safe way, better engage with what they’re learning and retain more key information.

“Experiential learning is the most powerful and most sticky type of learning because it creates an episodic memory where we are at the center of the action, with all of our senses coding data about what is happening,” agrees Dr Britt Andreatta, author of Wired to Grow: Harness the Power of Brain Science to Learn and Master Any Skill, “VR is so powerful because it mimics this learning. And some studies show that VR experiences code in the brain as a lived memory.”

Why learn a language with VR for business?

If you’re a language learner struggling to pluck up the courage to speak your new language, VR technology can seem very promising.

It allows you to practice your new skills in a safe, stress-free environment. You won’t need to worry about stumbling over your words. Or mispronouncing key sounds. Or making embarrassing mistakes because it’s all happening in an artificially created world. There are no real-world consequences. You can simply speak (or try to speak) and continue to work towards your language goals.

This is especially valuable when it comes to learning a language for business because the stakes are higher. If you make a mistake, you might not only feel silly but could also risk offending your potential business partner. Perhaps even worse, you risk losing the international business deal you’re negotiating.

The pressure to perform is greater than ever and for the sake of your career, you cannot risk failure.

It’s within this context that VR technologies for language learning such as Mondly can become invaluable.  You will have the opportunity to practice communicating in your new language in much the same way as you did learning your mother tongue- through practice, practice, practice.

This will also support your other language learning goals, helping you to learn faster and more efficiently than if you were struggling through those dull and repetitive textbooks.

Because apps like Mondly VR simulate real-life scenarios, they will help you to build a solid base in a language. You’ll also appear confident, competent and professional, whatever business sector you are working in.

Perhaps most excitingly, VR allows you to fit your learning schedule around other commitments in your life. You won’t need to find time to attend a formal language class but can fit your language lessons in whenever it suits you.

Learn a language for business with Mondly VR

Mondly VR provides everything you need to kick-start your team’s language learning journey so you can take advantage of the 21st-century global market. We were the first to launch our language learning VR app back in 2017 and continue to innovate. This ensures you can benefit from the very latest features and learn faster.

With state-of-the-art features such as speech recognition, intelligent suggestions, and practical topics, Mondly VR brings language learning to life and gets you speaking faster and with confidence.

Thinking about providing corporate language learning to your team for outstanding growth. Contact us at today.

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