Mondly Announces Collaboration With Kun Academy

The collaboration will help organizations from the Middle East to easily access Mondly’s language courses.

Mondly Announces Collaboration With Kun Academy

We are excited to announce our partnership with Kun Academy, the largest online training platform in the Middle East.

Kun Academy is the first platform in the Arab world to offer online training for multiple fields such as media, artificial intelligence, acting, creative thinking, negotiation, public speaking, marketing, art and more. Students can access the video courses recorded with best-selling trainers in the Arabic language. However, for those who wish to access the content but do not speak Arabic, Kun Academy also uses the dubbing service to deliver their educational content in more languages for more people.

The collaboration between Mondly and Kun Academy is the result of our shared belief that education can change the world for the better. Our common aim is to offer learners in the Arab world and even further access to high-quality education on their mobile phones.

Get your career to the next level with Mondly and Kun Academy

Developing new skills and improving your chances of getting hired is tough wherever you are in the world. Especially if you didn’t have access to high-quality education. This is why Kun Academy wants to help people grow and get the job they always dreamed about. Whether you’re eyeing a career in accounting, programming, business administration, design or even media, Kun can help you get there with high-quality video content taught by experts in the field.

What is more, Kun Academy also issues certificates to its graduates to help them join the labor market easier. Thus, we are joining forces with Kun with the hope that more people in the Arab world will develop language skills otherwise unavailable to them. Skills that in turn will help them have wider job opportunities and fulfill their lifelong dreams.

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By collaborating with partners from all over the world, we hope to expand and make affordable language learning possible everywhere.

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