Quiz: What Language Should You Learn Next?

Is it Spanish? French? German? Or maybe Japanese? Take this quiz now and find out what language you should learn this summer.

Quiz: What Language Should You Learn Next?

If you failed to stick to your New Year’s resolution, don’t worry! We’ve all been there. In fact, studies have shown that most resolutions don’t make it to the end of January. And learning a new language makes no exception. Somewhere along the way, we lose our motivation.

Luckily, summer is finally here! And this is definitely the perfect chance to give yourself a second chance. The sun, the vacation and all those sangrias you are drinking are giving you an energy boost that will most probably disappear at the beginning of November. So why not make the most of it now and become a smarter you while also relaxing? Why not learn a new language with Mondly while lying in the sun by the pool?

If you don’t know what language to learn, no worries! Your answer is right here, in this quiz ⬇

Answer all the questions and find out which one is a perfect match for you.


Speak a new language in just 10 minutes a day

Found your match? Then, you can start practicing it right now. With Mondly, the award-winning language learning app, you’ll speak any language from day 1. It’s fun, easy and efficient. Quick Daily Lessons. 5 minutes a day. It’s so entertaining you’ll become addicted. The best part? You’ll be fluent in no time.

Start using Mondly for free on your computer or tablet or, better yet, download the Mondly app on your iOS or Android device and learn Spanish, French, German and more anytime, anywhere.

Get Mondly now and speak any language like you never dreamed you would!

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Diana Lăpușneanu - Linguist at Mondly Blog

Diana is a Linguist at Mondly by Pearson. Learning English as a second language early on fueled her lifelong passion for language learning, leading her to pursue a diverse array of languages as a hobby alongside her academic endeavors. With a Master’s Degree in advertising and a fascination for historical linguistics, she brings a unique perspective to her role, making language learning fun for readers worldwide.

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