The Importance of Learning a Foreign Language

When learning a new language it is important to stick with it. Here are 5 reasons why you should learn a foreign language this year.

The Importance of Learning a Foreign Language

When the majority of people say “I’m going to learn a new language this year” they never really think of the importance of learning a foreign language and how it can help them for years to come. Learning a second language isn’t going to be a quick task, in fact, it takes many years to perfect your speech patterns so fluent speakers will understand you and not give you a confused sideways head nod. You’ll need to be dedicated and stick with it, even if you’re just learning in your spare time, you will have to learn a bit here and there even if you’re just reviewing what you learned last week. Keeping the content fresh in your mind will help you when you decide to learn a new chapter or set of words and that means you won’t be set back due to work or personal obligations.

There are many reasons why it is important to learn a second, third, or even fourth language and the base of all that is you just want to expand your mind a bit more than you already have. Why is it important, you ask? Well, you will expand your mind and notice that you’re actually getting smarter and you’re remembering a lot more throughout your day simply because you’re studying a second language. It’s amazing how your mind works, and not many people think learning a second language can actually help you remember things, but you’ll essentially be putting your mind in the weight room and going through a good workout. The more you work out your mind, the more you remember, and the quicker you will get your tasks done.

5 reasons why you should learn a foreign language in 2022

Most of the time a person will learn a new language because they made a new years resolution to do so. Then there are other people who want to learn for more economical or business-related reasons, such as:

Reason 1: You love the culture and plan to travel

A lot of people like to learn a second or third language because they travel to specific destinations a few times a year and just want to speak to the locals in the area. Even if you were to study the language for a few months you’d be well equipped to hold a small conversation with anyone in the area you travel to.

Reason 2: You want your resume to look better

When you’re writing up a resume you will now be able to add in the specific languages you know. This will show your potential employers that you’ve taken the time to learn a second or third language even though it may never help you in the business world. Employers like this because you did something educational that you didn’t have to and it will also help because your possible employer will know you could talk to clients or customers that may speak the languages you know.

Reason 3: Your dream job requires it

Some people like learning specific languages because they want to expand their mind while others do it for a dream job they’ve had their eye on. Yes, some jobs require you to be multilingual and this means the number of slots for these positions is pretty small. By knowing the specific languages necessary for these positions you will get your application and resume pushed to the top of the pile and likely get a call back for the job over the people who only know a single language.

Reason 4: You break down language barriers

Even if you’re not learning a language for business purposes, you will be able to break down language barriers when out and about doing your day to day tasks. How many people have you seen at a Mexican restaurant speaking Spanish when they order? The waiter/waitress that learned Spanish as their first language will likely be able to take your order much easier, which will create a bond between the two of you, and it’s all because you took the time to learn a second language that you really didn’t have to.

Reason 5: You’ll increase brain activity

One of the most beneficial things that come from learning a second language in 2019 is your brain will become more active. When your brain becomes more active you will notice it’s easier to remember things and you will feel more fulfilled at the end of each day. Learning something new, other than the second language you’re studying, will seem to stick within your memory all because you’ve been keeping your brain active.

10 languages that will help you land a new job

languages that will help you land a new job

So you want to learn a second or third language in order to land an amazing job but don’t know which one to target right now? Well, that’s not too difficult since there are some languages that are difficult to learn while others are easier and will actually help you learn more languages when you’re done. Below you will be able to look over the top 10 languages to help you land a new job, and they are:

If you’re reading this then you likely understand English quite well and don’t have to learn that as a primary. That also means that Hindi, Arabic, and Japanese might be more difficult for you to learn and you might want to start off with something else.

Languages such as Spanish and Portuguese are very similar to each other and can likely be learned quickly right after each other. Once you know Spanish or Portuguese you can seamlessly slip into French since they have similar characteristics all of them being romance languages.

If you’re leaning more towards Chinese then you will likely want to aim for Mandarin since it’s the main language and Cantonese is more of a secondary for there. The transition from Mandarin to Cantonese isn’t too difficult, but you’ll still need to treat it as a new language even if you see similarities.

Stick with your new language even if you’re not using it each day

One of the biggest things you need to remember when learning a new language is that you’ll need to stick with it. You need to treat it as if you were taking a test on it each month, just so you don’t forget anything, and you will notice you’re not forgetting much when speaking in your second or third language. You need to remember the importance of learning foreign languages isn’t to have a party trick in order to impress a boy or girl but it’s to expand your mind and learn more than you previously knew.

Learning a new language isn’t like riding a bike, you can’t take months or years to learn something and expect to be able to pick it up and peddle away after 10 years of not doing it. You’ll need to exercise your mind continuously throughout the year in order to keep the language fresh within your mind and not set yourself back a year or two because you go lazy.

A lot of people will learn a foreign language while in school because they’re either forced to or they took it as an elective because they were interested. It doesn’t matter if you’re in school or just want to learn, you need to be dedicated and stick with it if you really want to retain the information you’re going over time and time again.

In the end, learning a second or even a third language can help you land your dream job or just get you employed at a new company you see as a stepping stone. Employers will see you are bilingual, or trilingual, and see potential in you since knowing multiple languages tends to be a sign of intelligence for some people. You may see the importance of learning a foreign language and that means you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to many things in life.

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