Introducing the Precision of the Global Scale of Languages by Pearson to Mondly

Celebrating the European Day of Languages with a major step forward.

Introducing the Precision of the Global Scale of Languages by Pearson to Mondly

As we celebrate the European Day of Languages, it’s the perfect time to spotlight how Mondly by Pearson is committed to groundbreaking innovations in language learning. In line with this commitment, we are taking a major step forward by aligning our educational philosophy with the Global Scale of Languages (GSL) principles. 

This alignment marks a pivotal advancement in offering a structured framework that will greatly benefit not only English learners but also those studying other languages. We will first focus on the Spanish, French, and Italian courses, with more languages to follow.

The Global Scale of Languages (GSL) helps educators and language learners know where they are, where they need to go and how they can get there.

Starting with the Global Scale of English (GSE)

Before we delve deeper into the GSL, it’s crucial to understand its roots: the GSE. 

The Global Scale of English (GSE) is not just another language framework; it’s an evolution in understanding linguistic proficiency.

Unlike other frameworks that describe language proficiency in broad bands, the GSE offers a finely-grained scale. It identifies what a learner can accomplish at each point across speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. This unique approach motivates learners by offering a more detailed view of their progression.

Introducing the Global Scale of Languages (GSL)

Building on this solid foundation, Pearson has now introduced the Global Scale of Languages (GSL). 

The GSL is an extension and expansion of the principles laid down by the GSE. While the GSE enjoys international recognition and remains crucial to numerous Pearson offerings, the GSL builds upon its legacy by incorporating a broader range of languages.

By placing languages on a common scale, underpinned by a common set of Learning Objectives, the GSL can ensure comparability across languages to bring greater clarity and simplicity to language learning.

How Pearson created the GSL

Building on the GSE, our research team at Pearson decided to prove that this scale could also be transferable to other languages. The study’s results were not only encouraging but groundbreaking. The research confirmed that the GSE is directly transferable to other languages, making it possible for Pearson to develop the new GSL framework.

Why the GSL stands out

  • Unparalleled insights: Going a step beyond traditional language measurement tools like the CEFR, the GSL provides a more detailed understanding of a learner’s skills through extensive global research.
  • Confidence in clarity: The GSL enables learners to pinpoint their strengths in reading, writing, listening, and speaking with a straightforward 10-90 scale. This level of clarity fosters motivation and boosts learners’ confidence.
  • Personalized learning pathways: With clear objectives at each scale point, the GSL ensures a learning journey tailored to individual goals, making progression more efficient.

Why start with French, Spanish, and Italian?

These three languages, rich in history and culture, have always been popular choices among our learners. We believe that by integrating GSL with these languages first, we can enhance the learning experience for a larger number of our users. 

Moreover, the Romance languages, with their shared Latin roots and interconnected nuances, offer a fascinating study when approached with the precision of the GSL.

As a Mondly user immersing in these languages, you can expect a fresh content approach, and a progressively structured layout.

Language learning backed by unparalleled global research

Our integration with the GSL reaffirms our commitment to providing an unmatched learning experience. 

As we blend Mondly’s interactive platform with Pearson’s expertise, we promise “language learning backed by unparalleled global research”. This means you can confidently immerse yourself in French, Spanish and Italian, knowing that the content and lessons are grounded in the globally recognized and meticulously researched GSL framework by Pearson.

Fast-track your progress with Mondly by Pearson

Whether you’re passionate about French, Spanish, Italian or English, Mondly now offers an enhanced learning journey backed by the precision of the GSL. Celebrate this European Day of Languages by diving into the world of languages with newfound clarity and insight.

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