Mondly Named Best Language Learning App of 2022 by

The platform was ranked Best for Learning Phrases among the most efficient solutions for studying a new language on iOS or Android devices.

Mondly Named Best Language Learning App of 2022 by, an in-depth guide for the latest mobile app reviews and technology trends, has announced Mondly among the best language learning apps of 2022. The guide was curated based on features that create a holistic experience for users who want to teach themselves to read, write, and speak a new language as quickly as possible.

Mondly and other foreign language apps on the final list offer dictionaries with key vocabulary, audio pronunciation guides, educational games, flashcards, and options to talk to fluent speakers. All platforms in this guide offer a free version or trial to let users test out their features. experts suggest that users practice daily and set up lesson reminders and notifications.

Mondly was ranked Best for Learning Phrases among the top solutions. The guide also includes a summary table for users to compare the best features and in-app purchases. To access the complete list of language applications, please visit

About Mondly

Being named “App of the Year” by Facebook, “Best New App” by Apple, and “Editors’ Choice” by Google Play, Mondly is a leading language learning platform with 100 million learners worldwide. Launched in 2014, it quickly became a leading app in the mobile space, reaching the #1 position in Education in most European countries, LATAM and Asia. According to Statista, Mondly is currently in the Top 5 language learning apps worldwide by number of downloads.

About is a leading online destination for reviews and technology trends. The platform provides research-based studies and carefully curated lists, which allow users to compare and find the best apps on the market. is managed by a team of tech industry professionals that aim to help consumers find the tools they need to live a more convenient and productive life. To learn more, visit

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