Featured by Apple: Mondly is App of the Day in 157 Countries

Mondly took the Apple App Store spotlight in 157 countries.

Featured by Apple: Mondly is App of the Day in 157 Countries

We are beyond happy to share with all of you our latest achievement: Mondly is App of the Day by Apple in 157 countries.

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Take your English to the next level with Mondly and Oxford.

At Mondly, our mission has always been to help people speak new languages fast through technological innovation and the recognition we received over the years has always fueled our creativity and desire to make an impact.

Today, we’re once again grateful to the App Store for the honor of giving us the spotlight in more than 150 countries. We deeply admire everything Apple does and hope to make it to their Walk of Fame many times over in the future.

Furthermore, we’d also like to thank our dedicated team who always meets new challenges with great enthusiasm and delivers with passion.

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Mondly partnered with Oxford University Press to help you improve your English.

This Apple App Store feature is all the more special as it arises following our most recent launch – the English progress tests developed in collaboration with Oxford University Press.

The new Oxford module, readily available inside the Mondly app, features 3500 quizzes to help you improve your English from your native language. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned learner, the new testing module will adapt its level to meet you where you are.

Try the new Oxford module from Mondly

For the first time ever, you can receive an Oxford University Press education on your mobile device. Get access to more than 100 English tests with a total of 3500 questions featuring both grammar and vocabulary exercises covering topics such as verb tense, word order, spelling, and many more. English mastery is at your fingertips – and in your native tongue.

Do you want to learn other languages as well? No problem! With Mondly, you can learn up to 41 different languages.

Start using Mondly for free on your computer or download the app and learn English, Spanish, German and more fast anytime, anywhere.

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