Get Ready to Meet Your New AI Conversation Partner

Discover LUNA. Rediscover conversation. Build your confidence when speaking English.

Get Ready to Meet Your New AI Conversation Partner

Ever wished for a tutor that’s available 24/7 and helps you build your confidence when speaking English? We’ve got good news for you. Soon you’ll have the opportunity to practice your English language skills with your new AI Conversation Partner. The waitlist is now open and you can register to be among the first learners to meet LUNA.

Imagine yourself, sitting in a restaurant and ordering a meal with confidence, meeting new friends, and being able to strike up a conversation.  Jumping in a cab and knowing you will turn up at the right place or booking yourself into a hotel. 

Research shows that practice really does make perfect, but practising is not always easy: 

  • You can at times feel shy, foolish, or imperfect. Worried that you might be judged. 
  • Scheduling a professional tutor into your busy life can be difficult and expensive. 
  • The alternative of writing to a chatbot can feel impersonal and not reflect real life. 

Mondly by Pearson’s new AI conversation partner changes all of this. An innovative new way to take you one step closer to achieving your language goals. Say hello to LUNA.  


  • LUNA is powered by AI. So she will not judge you, speak over you, try to complete your sentence, or get bored.  She will listen, respond, help you understand when you don’t get it 100% right, and she will do that as many times as you need to build your confidence. 
  • Forget about adjusting your schedule or time zone coordination. LUNA is always available for you, anytime, anywhere. So, no more excuses not to practice! 
  • In today’s economy affordability is key. Every Mondly by Pearson learner gets access to one free lesson, and you unlock all the available conversations with our premium membership. You can practice saying hello, ordering a meal in a restaurant, booking a hotel, buying tickets, striking up a conversation, shopping for a new pair of jeans, booking an appointment or confidently jumping in a taxi and giving directions to where you want to go.  
  • Speaking in real life situations is key to building your confidence – Mondly by Pearson’s AI conversation partner simulates real conversations, so it feels less like a tool and more like a tutor.  

Be among the first to meet LUNA, your new AI conversation partner and build your confidence in speaking English.

About Mondly by Pearson

Mondly by Pearson is a leading online language learning platform that enables over 100 million learners from 190 countries to learn 41 languages. Launched in 2014, it quickly became a household name in the mobile space, reaching the #1 position in Education in most European countries, LATAM and Asia. Mondly is also a pioneer in VR Education, with its most recent launch on Meta Quest being in the top 10 VR apps worldwide.

Starting May 2022, Mondly became a part of Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, and continues on its mission to make language learning fun, easy and accessible to everyone.

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