The Learning Method Behind Mondly

Here's how Mondly helps your brain learn new languages.

The Learning Method Behind Mondly

How do children learn languages so easily? Biologically, a child’s brain is prepared for learning, but you never see kids study conjugations, do you? So how can this be possible?

The answer is simpler than you think. They learn by doing. And that’s the best approach for you too.

After years of working abroad and learning several languages, the founders of what would soon become Mondly made a decision. They needed to bring this amazing approach to an app. And they did.

language learning app
Practice daily with Mondly

Mondly is based on the inductive method: learn by doing, context and example, and extrapolate to rules. In other words, start thinking in the language that you’d like to learn rather than construct a phrase in your native language, apply the rules and only then translate it accordingly.

Unlike deductive learning, where learners are given a set of rules they will need to apply, inductive learning is a discovery process where students discover rules by themselves by looking at examples.

Minimum effort, maximum results

Think about those endless pages of rules you had to memorize in high school. That was no easy task. But once in a while, there was a teacher that really enjoyed the job and took the time to properly explain all the thinking behind them. Only then the rules would stick.

Learning rules mechanically is usually next to impossible. But when you understand the process, collect bits of information and draw the conclusions yourself, everything becomes easier. And that’s exactly the teaching technique Mondly uses. You essentially teach yourself.

The experts behind Mondly know how amazing the human brain is. This is why they carefully selected the content so that you’ll practice and the brain will make the connections itself. You’ll not focus on the process but on the final result: speaking the new language fluently.

What’s more, the main Mondly app also uses a unique spaced repetition system that improves your ability to memorize new words. J. Howard, the author of The Owner’s Manual for the Brain, perfectly explains how spaced repetition helps the brain: “Work involving higher mental functions, such as analysis and synthesis, needs to be spaced out to allow new neural connections to solidify. New learning drives out old learning when insufficient time intervenes.”

Basically, what happens in the app is that new and more difficult words or phrases will be shown together with older and less difficult ones. But as you progress, the old information will be shown less and less frequently than the new one. This technique makes sure that the information you learned is well-cemented in your brain before moving on to new concepts.

Lexical coverage: focus on the most common words

Improving your vocabulary is, without a doubt, one of the key aspects of language learning. The more words you’ll know, the closer you’ll be to fluency. But keep in mind that not all words are equally important.

Studies have shown that knowing as little as 100 words helps you understand 50% of any text in the language you’re learning. Surprising as it may seem, it’s true. Knowing 1,000 words will give you a high coverage of 75% of any text. Here’s how much lexical coverage you need to reach fluency in almost any language:

lexical coverage
Lexical coverage overview

By focusing its curriculum on these high-frequency, high-value words, Mondly makes sure you’ll work smarter, not harder. In other words, you’ll only focus on the words that truly matter. That’s how millions worldwide get fluent so fast with this amazing app.

By combining the inductive method and maximal lexical coverage with a minimum amount of effort, Mondly ensures the best possible results yet. You’ll be amazed at how high your retention rate becomes when learning languages with Mondly.

Take Mondly for a test drive

Take your language learning experience to the next level. With Mondly, you’ll learn by doing.

It can be really tricky to learn a new language if you don’t actively live in a country where it is spoken. But with Mondly you’ll have access to a fast and highly efficient learning method that allows you to learn languages naturally with practical topics, bite-sized lessons and real-life conversations.

Start using Mondly for free on your computer or download the app and learn Spanish, French, German and more anytime, anywhere.

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