Helping Those Who Need It Most: Fundación Danny From Colombia

How we helped Fundación Danny in its endeavor to make language learning accessible for more children in Colombia.

Helping Those Who Need It Most: Fundación Danny From Colombia

We, at Mondly, strongly believe that education can change the world for the better. This is why we pledged ourselves to give those who need it most the opportunity to learn languages with Mondly Premium for free.

One of the causes dearest to our heart is Fundación Danny from Colombia to whom we donated 150 Premium subscriptions in an effort to help them make language learning accessible for Colombian children.

fundacion danny mondly
Colombian children attending the Danny Foundation courses.

Fundación Danny or Danny Foundation has been active since 2011 and its goal is to help children and young people from different places in Colombia to develop skills that can ensure a better future for them and their families. The foundation provides multiple courses from language learning to programming and even playing an instrument.

Danny Foundation is projected as an Educational Institution that targets children and adolescents from vulnerable strata to give them access to excellent learning standards. Its long term objective is to help these children face the challenges of the working world thus reducing poverty and social inequality.

DANNY stands for Developing Aptitudes for a New Nation and Youth.

Unlocking the power of social good

When Andrés Rodríguez, the director of Danny Foundation, first came for our help, we knew right away we had to do it. For the children and adolescents that attend the foundations’ courses, language learning is not just a hobby, but the key to success. This is why we wanted to give them the opportunity to experience the transformational power of learning English with Mondly.

danny foundation mondly
Graduation at the Danny Foundation.

Learning English in Colombia is not an easy task. Schools do teach English but just once or twice per week and sometimes the teachers themselves are not as competent as they should be. So Mondly is a great opportunity for our students to practice English every day.

One of our favorite features in the app is the Chatbot because it recreates real situations and allows students to speak English the same way they would do in real life, says Andrés Rodríguez, director of Danny Foundation.

For the time being, there are 200 students aged 8 to 16 years old taking courses at the foundation, but Andrés wants to reach even more places in Colombia. So we want to thank the Danny Foundation for what they are doing on behalf of the youth of Columbia.

Whatever the goal, Mondly will always support the Danny Foundation in its endeavor to expand learning for every child in Colombia.

Learn a new language in just 10 minutes a day

If the story of the Colombian children from the Danny Foundation inspired you to invest in yourself, you can start learning a new language right now with Mondly.

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Using a contextually rich environment mixed with practical topics, authentic conversations and bite-sized Daily Lessons, the app encourages you to make the connections yourself and speak any language fluently fast.

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