Can Employees Learn a New Language in Three Months?

Accelerate your international growth by helping your team learn a language quickly. Here’s how.

Can Employees Learn a New Language in Three Months?

Numerous polyglots such as Benny Lewis and Luca Lampariello say we can learn a new language in just three months.

However, if you’ve struggled with high school language classes or dull textbooks, you’ll know that learning takes time and effort. Until someone invents a language chip for the brain, language learning can feel like a long and arduous path.

This is most definitely not the case. With the right tools and approach to language learning, your employees absolutely can learn a language in just a few weeks and help your business expand internationally.

Curious to know how? That’s what this blog post is all about. We’ll first look at the challenges of language learning before sharing six tips that can make a world of difference.

Learning a new language in three months: the challenges

Many people want to become fluent in a foreign language. They dream of living and working abroad. Having real conversations with people from other cultures. Of making new friends across the world and developing new connections.

If they’re extremely ambitious, they may invest in language learning courses, attend evening classes or buy all the language learning textbooks they find on Amazon.

However, after a few weeks or months of learning, they lose momentum.

They feel unmotivated. Or believe that they aren’t making progress and struggle to have a real conversation with native speakers.

Lacking confidence in their new language and feeling the pressure, they feel too embarrassed to talk. This means they soon drop their goal, believing that they don’t have the ‘language learning gene’.

Even if they have stuck to their goal and stayed motivated, results can seem slow. This is especially the case for anyone who has taken years of language classes yet still can’t go beyond ordering a beer when they go on vacation.

Learning faster seems like clickbait- something that polyglot YouTubers boast about but have little evidence for.

However, the problem isn’t the learner. It’s not the motivation. Or having ‘the language gene’ or finding just the right language textbook or course at your local bookstore.

Instead, it’s all about the approach you and your employees take to language learning. With the right materials, anything is possible.

Of course, that isn’t to say that complete fluency can be achieved within such a short space of time. You do need extensive input, practice and time for your brain to grow connections that support your language skills. Additionally, language learning is a continual process and there is never a point when you can say ‘I’ve mastered this language’.

However, any language learner can develop an excellent communicative ability that allows them to express their needs, grow intercultural relationships and develop personally in just three months.

How employees can learn a new language in three months

1. Speak from day one

Your employees should start using the new language they are using immediately, even if they feel that they aren’t ready. This helps to shift their language skills from the passive, receptive stage to the active, boosting their communication skills and enhancing your international business efforts.

If they feel embarrassed or self-conscious, they can use the innovative features of the Mondly App to practice real-life conversations in a safe and comfortable environment first.

2. Forget strict grammar- focus on language use

There’s a reason why grammar-focused high school language classes don’t produce proficient language speakers. It’s because this isn’t how language learning works. When an 18-month-old learns their first language, they don’t pour over grammar books but simply try to use the language.

Yes, grammar is an important part of language, but that can be polished later.

Instead, your employee should focus on learning basic words and phrases using the Mondly app to set a solid linguistic base for their language learning journey.

With this approach, their confidence will grow and they’ll retain what they are learning in their long-term memory.

3. Choose tools like Mondly

Traditional language learning courses can be useful, but they will limit your employees’ language growth.

Usually highly structured and grammar-focused, they don’t incorporate the latest research-based strategies such as spaced repetition and VR for language learning that can accelerate learning.

Using modern, tech-driven tools such as Mondly will help them understand what really works and make it more likely that your employee will learn a new language in three months.

4. Be prepared to practice often

Regular practice is essential when developing a core language base and learning a language quickly. Encourage your employees to practice daily using the Mondly Daily lessons and you’ll help them to maintain momentum, develop their skills and notice their progress.

Why not create a workplace goal-tracking system that helps keep your employees motivated and focused on their goal of learning a new language in three months?

5. Forget perfection

If your employees avoid using their new language skills, they won’t learn a new language quickly and will lack confidence or reach a plateau. Encourage them to forget perfection and foster an environment of understanding within the workplace to foster growth.

By doing so, they’ll learn faster and be more willing to use their skills in an international business environment.

6. Immerse yourself

Encourage your employees to expose themselves to radio, TV shows, music, podcasts, books and other materials in the language they are learning. By doing so, they’re more likely to develop a native-like comprehension of the language and will also improve their cultural knowledge.

These cultural skills will help cut through potential misunderstandings and allow employees to foster and maintain lasting business relationships that promote the international success of your business.

Help Your Employees Learn a New Language in Three Months using Mondly

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