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Your own virtual language learning assistant. Anytime. Anywhere.

Learn outside the books

Exploration is learning. Using augmented reality, we created a new world within your own. Just as real looking, but ten times more spectacular. Your phone will work as a lens. It will allow you to explore, discover and interact with this new world. The best part? You'll also learn a new language along the way.

Get your very own virtual language teacher

Introducing Mondly: your own virtual language learning assistant and your guide through a new world where interactive virtual creations with spectacular appearances make learning happen naturally.

Use the entire world as your classroom

Mondly AR gives wings to your imagination. From Saturn to the Sun or animals from the savannah, Mondly brings the most unexpected things, animals and objects in your living room.

Practice real-life conversations

Just as spectacular, the chatbot experience from Mondly aims to be the closest thing to a real interaction. Mondly is a great conversational partner on various topics and each conversation with it is a step forward to achieving flawless pronunciation and fluency.

Bringing language lessons to life

We change the way you see the world by turning imagination into reality.

Welcome life-sized animals in your living room

We know you like to picture the things you are learning about with the eyes of your mind. But what would you say if we brought them to life? Having a life-sized elephant in your living room would surely make an impression, wouldn't it? Get Mondly AR‌ now and find out.

Learn through play

Do you want an out of this world language learning experience? Pet the cat and it will meow, tap the guitar and it will play a song, try the same with un elefante and it will splash your phone's screen with water. Learning a new language has never been so fun and interactive!

Enjoy the experience

You are not here for the language lessons? No problem! We too like to sometimes enjoy Mondly AR for simply how fun it is. So go ahead and enjoy the experience to the fullest. But we can’t promise you won’t still learn some new words and phrases in the process.

Que Desea Beber? Mondly ARQue Desea Beber? Mondly AR

The first AR app with chatbot and speech recognition

Discover how intelligent artificial intelligence can really be.

Lifelike conversational partner

The complete language learning journey should allow you to learn, but also practice. Mondly offers just that. Using the latest speech recognition technology, your new virtual language learning assistant understands and answers to anything you say giving instant feedback on your pronunciation.

Smart and seamless interaction

The chatbot experience Mondly offers you is the closest thing to a real interaction. Mondly will reply with a human voice to help you develop a strong sense of language, she will change her outfit to match the topic of discussion and will use gestures and facial expressions to create dynamic dialogues.

A captivating language learning journey

Using visual interactive lessons together with real conversations and an adaptive character, MondlyAR offers a complete language learning experience that is easy to use and access anytime, anywhere.

Spanish AR Demo Mondly ARSpanish AR Demo Mondly AR

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