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Why learn Italian?

Italian has such a rich collection of beautiful places to visit it’s worth learning its language for traveling alone. Here are 8 reasons why you should learn Italian:

  • ● Get ready to study abroad. Italian is one of the most studied foreign languages in the world, so it’s a useful skill to add to your belt. Besides, if you choose to study one semester in Italy, you’ll also get to travel as all of Italy is rich in beautiful travel destinations.
  • ● Improve your self-confidence. Few qualities are as impressive as being multilingual. From making a good first impression during a job interview to showing off in front of a date – you’ll be a stronger and more confident person after learning Italian.
  • ● Increase your job prospects. Knowing more than one language will always play nicely in your resume.
  • Connect with the locals. Speaking Italian leads to more fun during interactions with the natives and a better connection with the place itself.
  • ● Italian is the language of food and classical music. Many Italian words related to food and music have made their way into English over history. For this reason alone, you’re already using quite a bit of Italian. It would be a shame not to make the most of it and learn more.
  • ● Italian is a beautiful language. Another reason you should learn Italian is for the beauty of the language itself. Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ said “I want to learn how to speak Italian. For years, I'd wished I could speak Italian – a language I find more beautiful than roses.”

So, are you ready to learn how to speak Italian? Great! Then let’s find out how to learn Italian online.

Learn Italian online

Learn Italian verbs

Learning the most common Italian verbs is a good start to learning Italian. You first need to know how the verb in Italian is pronounced. Let's learn more than 50 Italian verb pronunciations!

Learn Italian online with free daily lessons

If you are wondering what is the best way to learn Italian free of charge, you are in the right place.
If you want to learn Italian fast and speak like ‘un italiano vero’, language learning app Mondly is everything you need and more. Say goodbye to expensive tutors and textbooks that only make learning tiresome. Mondly offers fun, easy and effective Italian courses for ambitious people of all ages. Like talking to a friend, learning Italian has never been easier!

1. Start with the alphabet and its pronunciation

Every language uses a more or less similar alphabet to your own. For example, the Italian language uses a variant of the Latin alphabet consisting of 21 letters (that’s five letters less than English!). For this reason, if you want to learn Italian, it’s best to get started with the alphabet and its pronunciation. Get familiar with the letters, find out if there are any special rules you need to follow and you’re ready to go!

Teaching Italian app
Teaching Italian app

2. Build up your vocabulary with useful phrases

The next logical step is to build up your vocabulary. Trying to memorize basic words and phrases from textbooks is quite tiring – easy to see why most people quit before they become fluent! That’s why Mondly takes a different approach. Rather than poring over vocabulary lists, the app teaches you new words through picture games and quizzes, making the learning experience interactive and super fun.

Italian pronunciation
Italian pronunciation

3. Practice basic grammar

Now it’s time to structure the information by bringing grammar into the mix. Although learners don’t usually enjoy learning grammar, it’s important to understand the basics so you can properly get your message through. The good news is that with Mondly, you’ll learn using the inductive method: learn by doing, context and example, and extrapolate to rules. It’s so easy you’ll actually enjoy learning grammar!

Italian native speakers
Italian native speakers

4. Lock-in the knowledge using a smart repetition system

If you want real support in learning Italian, use an online language learning app as your pocket-held language tutor. Learning languages used to be a drudgery until a few years ago. Now it’s gotten easier than you could ever imagine! Vocabulary builders, conversation practice, quizzes and more are all one tap away. Just download Mondly and discover how the power of technology can make all the difference in learning Italian.
Use an online language learning app

Italian repetition
Italian repetition

How to learn Italian with Mondly

Italian learning app

Italian sounds beautiful, but you can never really make out the words when natives speak fast. Luckily, the Mondly app takes it easy so you can learn in your own time and increase the speed only when you feel comfortable. Here’s how to learn Italian with Mondly in four easy steps:

  1. 1. Reach your goals with Daily Lessons. It’s easy to get distracted when so many activities require your attention. This is why Mondly made its Daily Lessons fun, short and packed with useful information. This way, you’ll be able to learn Italian every day, even when life gets busy.
  2. 2. Learn only what matters. With Mondly, you focus your efforts on learning real-life language skills. Instead of memorizing Italian words and phrases that aren’t useful in everyday situations, you’ll build an efficient vocabulary that allows you to become conversational fast. Start learning Italian today and before you know it, you’ll be comfortable making a reservation or going to the bank to open a new account.

  1. 3. See where you stand with Weekly Quizzes and Monthly Challenges. Whoever said exams aren’t fun never tested their Italian knowledge with Mondly. Weekly quizzes will help you assess your progress, while Monthly Challenges will give you an added boost to get more familiar with the language and keep you motivated.
  2. 4. Speak Italian like a native. If your goal is to speak Italian fluently, you need to start speaking Italian right from the start. For this reason, Mondly doesn’t waste any time and gets you talking from day one. You’ll get crystal-clear audios of fluent speakers so you can learn from the best and real-life conversations so you can experience immersion.

Italian learning app

Italian language facts

Italian landmark

● Italian is the official language of Italy, the Vatican City, San Marino and Switzerland.
● Italian was standardized in the early 14th century by the Tuscan writer Dante Alighieri. He is known as the “Father of the Italian language.”
● Italian is the official language of classical music. When the Renaissance period began, Italy began to dominate the European art music scene, and the terms became ingrained. “Presto”, “lento”, “adagio” and “forte” are only a few of the words that became international standards for musicians worldwide, regardless of their mother language.
● The term ‘America’ is derived from the name of 15th-century Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci. He was the first European to recognize that Brazil was part of a continent new to Europeans, which he called the “New World”.
● Italian became an official language in 1861. When the Italian states were united in 1861, it was decided to make the Tuscan dialect the country’s official language.
● Italian is probably one of the closest languages to Latin. Being the official language of the Roman Empire and the common ancestor of the Romance languages, Latin is considered very similar to Italian in terms of vocabulary and pronunciation.

Italian landmark

The amazing benefits of learning Italian with Mondly

Learn useful Italian phrases for real situations

Our language experts have identified and selected the most common real-life situations you can find yourself in. As a result, the app breaks down the learning process into short lessons organized into highly relevant themes. Pick your topic of interest and learn words and phrases to master it fully. Introducing yourself, getting around the city, buying a ticket, renting a hotel room or shopping – it’s all covered in detail so you can learn the Italian language essentials in an easy and fun way. Before you know it, you will be able to have a real conversation in Italian.

Have a conversation anytime with our Italian Chatbot

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have real conversations in Italian from the comfort of your own home? That’s precisely why we’ve built this virtual conversational partner – a computer program so advanced that talking to it feels like a real conversation with a friend. Jump right in, and the app asks you questions, understands what you are saying, and responds as a fluent speaker would. Afraid of getting a word wrong? Don’t worry about it. Every time you get something wrong or have difficulties with pronunciation, the app offers instant feedback. With each conversation, you’ll come one step closer to fluency while building your confidence to speak Italian in real life.

Enjoy the finest Speech Recognition technology

Imagine having a Italian teacher in your pocket, ready to jump in and help you every step of the way during your language learning journey. Instant feedback is essential when you want to improve and master pronunciations. This is why Mondly has developed a state-of-the-art speech recognition software that checks your Italian pronunciation in real time and suggests improvements on the spot. Learning Italian has never been easier!

Listen to crystal-clear audio from professional Italian fluent speakers

With Mondly, you will learn the correct Italian pronunciations by listening to phrases spoken by fluent speakers. We have worked with professional Italian speakers to bring you a high-class audio experience that we believe is essential if you want to learn Italian fast. Learn Italian with Mondly, and the next time you have a conversation with a Italian speaker, get ready to receive compliments for your great accent and flawless pronunciation.

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Learn Italian online
Learn Italian online
Learn Italian online
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