Your Chance to Learn a New Language in 2019: 50% off for Mondly in the App Store

The biggest App Store promotion of the year is here. Learn the language you always wanted to learn! The time is now.

Your Chance to Learn a New Language in 2019: 50% off for Mondly in the App Store

Just in time for you to start a real resolution that lasts for the entire year, the App Store has kicked off a limited 50% off sale to boost your enthusiasm for learning a new language with Mondly in 2019.

50% OFF for the entire year

We already talked about why learning a new language should be one of your resolutions in 2019 – there are certainly numerous health benefits included. So if you were still having doubts, this App Store sale for Mondly Premium comes just in time for you to make up your mind. 50% off the entire year means you’ll have a year to learn any of the 33 languages Mondly offers. You just have to have ambition and do it now (or never). Besides, Mondly allows you to learn any of the 33 languages from the language of your choice. Do you speak Spanish and want to learn English? Or maybe you know native Afrikaans and want to learn Greek? No worries, Mondly has your back!

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Why Mondly?

With over 40 million downloads worldwide and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 from over 1,000,000 reviews, Mondly is one of the most innovative language learning platforms in the world. Its many achievements – including 3 world premieres – have been endorsed by influential media companies like Forbes, CNN, Inc., Bloomberg, Gartner, and many others.

By combining solid neural science and cutting-edge technologies, Mondly creates immersive learning experiences that will get you talking new languages faster than any other app in the world. Just challenge yourself and find out how many languages you can master in 2019 with Mondly.

Apart from the state-of-the-art chatbot with speech recognition that will help you experience REAL conversations, Mondly has a lot more in store for you. If you love everything that Apple does (and you do), you’ll love Mondly AR too. In addition to carefully crafted gamified lessons that will literally glue the new language to your brain, Mondly also includes an augmented reality module where a lifelike language learning assistant uses augmented reality and chatbot with speech recognition to reinvent the classic language learning techniques. She has the ability to make planets, animals and musical instruments magically appear into the learner’s own environment (you read that right!), creating a scenery where you can walk up and around these virtual creations and even interact with them.

Should we also mention that there are no computer-generated voices in Mondly? All the recordings in Mondly are made with native speakers so you can learn only from the best!

So what are you waiting for?

This is your best chance to learn the language you always wanted to learn. Stop postponing your life! The time to make a change is now. It all starts with ambition, a limited-time sale on the App Store and Mondly. The rest is history.

Get Mondly Premium with 50% OFF now!

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