World Teachers’ Day | How to say “teacher” in different languages

Teachers are the best people in the world. They always go above and beyond to support their students. Let's wish them all "Happy teachers' Day!"

World Teachers’ Day | How to say “teacher” in different languages

Every year, on October 5, we are honoring teachers and their role in providing quality education for students everywhere. Also known as International Teachers Day, World Teachers’ Day was established in 1994 and it observes the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. This Recommendation set the standard regarding the rights and the responsibilities of the teachers concerning their education, employment, recruitment, and teaching conditions.

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Teachers are the best people in the world. They always go above and beyond to support their students. They change lives. And one day is not enough to thank them for all their dedication to education.

Our World in Data shows that, in 2014, there were almost 90 million teachers in the world. On Teachers’ Day, thank at least one of them and let’s make this world a better place.

Empowering teachers through technology

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Teachers change the world one student at a time. Let’s make sure they have the best tools to do their job right. Here are 5 amazing tools you can give teachers to celebrate World Teacher’s Day.

How to say “teacher” in different languages

World Teachers’ Day is a global celebration. Let’s treat it accordingly and discover the beauty of the word “teacher” in more than 30 languages. From teacher in Spanish (profesor) to teacher in German (Lehrer) or French (professeur).

Afrikaans (af)onderwyser
Croatian (hr)učitelj
Czech (cz)učitel
Danish (da)lærer
Dutch (nl)leraar
English (en)teacher
Finnish (fi)opettaja
French (fr)professeur
German (de)Lehrer
Hungarian (hu)tanár
Indonesian (id)guru
Italian (it)insegnante
Lithuanian (lt)mokytojas
Norwegian (nb)lærer
Polish (pl)nauczyciel
Portuguese (pt)professor
Romanian (ro)profesor
Spanish (es)profesor
Swedish (sv)lärare
Turkish (tr)öğretmen
Vietnamese (vi)giáo viên

Now let’s move to a group of languages for which you’ll also need transliteration:

Arabic (ar)مدرسmudarris
Bengali (bn)শিক্ষকśikṣaka
Bulgarian (bg)учителuchitel
Chinese (zh)教师jiàoshī
Farsi (fa)معلمmoalem
Greek (el)δάσκαλοςdaskalos̱
Hebrew (he)מורהmoreh
Hindi (hi)अध्यापकadhyaapak
Japanese (ja)教師kyōshi
Korean (ko)교사gyosa
Russian (ru)учительuchitel
Thai (th)ครูkroo
Ukrainian (ua)вчительvchytel

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