Google Play selects Mondly’s Kids App as one of the Best Apps of 2017

Exciting news: Mondly Kids was selected as one of the Best Apps of 2017 in a children’s category.

Google Play selects Mondly’s Kids App as one of the Best Apps of 2017

Children are always the best critics. They are disarmingly honest and have an innocent way of being straightforward. If they don’t like you, they will tell you right away, so it’s not totally preposterous to think that they would make great judges in almost any kind of competition. This is why we were proud and honored when Google Play notified us that MondlyKids was selected as one of the Best Apps of 2017 in a children’s category. And before we could properly celebrate the news, Google Play announced that MondlyKids is giving us yet another milestone to celebrate in 2017: Editors’ Choice language app.

Our journey of learning and creating

We, at Mondly, started our journey of learning and creating almost five years ago. It required a lot of work, but it was worth every step of the way. Our aim was to create immersive learning experiences. We wanted to never stop innovating. So here we are today:

We think your app was one of the best on Google Play in 2017. We know that you and your team have worked hard to create a unique and compelling experience, so consider this our way of saying thank you for bringing your innovation and expertise to the Play Store. – Google Play

MondlyKids – a new learning experience for children

After our first language app launch, it became quite clear the concept we were trying to tackle: learning through play. In an era labeled by visual stimuli and the constant lack of time, people are always looking for the fastest and most enjoyable ways to learn. This is why they chose and will continue to choose our innovative approach.

Afterwards, MondlyKids was only the natural course of action. And who likes best to learn through play if not children? We entered their world, watched the cartoons they like, played all day and gained precious insights from every experience. Undoubtedly, the hardest part of the entire process was returning to adulthood.

The result? We created a child-friendly app with an eye-catching design and a cool story for 5 to 12 years old children that have a great thirst for knowledge and like gamified experiences. Cool sound effects and music are also here to keep the children engaged. Over the course of our 11 main lessons, children will become competitive and eager to learn, discover and interact more with their new virtual native speaker chipmunk friend.

The road to success

In order for the new Mondly app to match its exigent young target, we had to give children a new angle on progress and how important it is in the learning experience. This is the point where we decided to create our design around a map where the learning progress would be visualized in terms of traveling to new places – this is why a completed set of lessons will get you to a new place on the map; because knowledge broadens the mind and lets you travel.Mondly for Kids - free languages for kids (small)

Today, months after launching MondlyKids, we discovered that the operating principle behind this map is perfectly valid in our journey as well. We started with small steps and continued with bigger ones every day until we reached new heights and places. Now we are here, close to the peak, where Facebook chose us App of the Year in Europe Middle East and Google Play included our name amongst Best Apps of 2017. There is still a long way until the top, but we are on the right trail. And so are you.

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