Here’s How to Say Chocolate in 34 Different Languages

From chocolate in German (Schokolade) to chocolate in Italian (cioccolato), here’s how to say chocolate in 34 different languages.

Here’s How to Say Chocolate in 34 Different Languages

Chocolate, the same as love, brings sweetness and joy to our hearts. When life happens, chocolate helps. When it touches your taste buds, you taste heaven. Every chocolate lover knows that feeling. And don’t you feel as powerful as a Greek god or goddess tasting ambrosia for the first time? Because that’s chocolate: so good it becomes addictive, so yummy it makes you happy, so fine it makes you invincible, so creamy it makes you salivate right now.

Now imagine that the cacao tree (Theobroma cacao) was unknown to Europeans until the 16th century. Just imagine that! 16 sad centuries with no chocolate. But after the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs, chocolate was finally imported to Europe and within about 100 years it became notorious all over the continent. People loved it.


Today, scientists have even confirmed that chocolate is amazing for you. Besides the obvious release of feel-good endorphins, chocolate contains antioxidants that improve overall cardiovascular health. But don’t drown yourself in chocolate yet. It seems that too much chocolate can cause serious health problems and can even kill you. So don’t overeat it. You know what they say: “everything good in life is either illegal, immoral, or fattening”.

International Chocolate Day

Chocoholics such as you or me love chocolate so much they celebrate its existence every single day. But did you know there are multiple days throughout the year dedicated to the greatness of chocolate? The most commonly accepted such day is World Chocolate Day on July 7, but people also celebrate International Chocolate Day on September 13 (the birth date of Milton S. Hershey, founder of Hershey’s Chocolate!).

And, if you live in the U.S., you’ll have even MORE official days to celebrate different types of chocolate. The U.S. National Confectioners Association did a complete list of candy holidays which includes a National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day in January, a Chocolate Mint Day in February, a National Chocolate Caramel Day, a National Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day and an entire week dedicated to American Chocolate in March. And that’s only three months into the year. Imagine how many more “chocolate days” the U.S. has until the end of the year.

chocolate in different languages

Chocolate in Different Languages

There are few things that unite cultures the same as chocolate does. There’s classical music, mathematics, painting, physics and then there’s chocolate. We already settled that: everybody likes it. So let’s see how to say chocolate in different languages. From chocolate in German (Schokolade) to chocolate in Spanish (chocolate) and chocolate in Italian (cioccolato). This way, next time you’ll visit a new country, you’ll know exactly how to ask for chocolate at the store when the cravings hit.

Afrikaans (af)sjokolade
Croatian (hr)čokolada
Czech (cz)čokoláda
Danish (da)chokolade
Dutch (nl)chocolade
English (en)chocolate
Finnish (fi)suklaa
French (fr)chocolat
German (de)Schokolade
Hungarian (hu)csokoládé
Indonesian (id)coklat
Italian (it)cioccolato
Lithuanian (lt)šokoladas
Norwegian (nb)sjokolade
Polish (pl)czekolada
Portuguese (pt)chocolate
Romanian (ro)ciocolată
Spanish (es)chocolate
Swedish (sv)choklad
Turkish (tr)çikolata
Vietnamese (vi)sô cô la

Now that you know how to say chocolate in French (chocolat) and in Finnish (suklaa), let’s move to a group of languages for which you’ll also need transliteration:

Arabic (ar)شوكولاتهchocolattah
Bengali (bn)চকোলেটcakōlēṭa
Bulgarian (bg)шоколадshokolad
Chinese (zh)巧克力qiǎokèlì
Farsi (fa)شکلاتshokolaat
Greek (el)σοκολάταsokolata
Hebrew (he)שוקולדshokolad
Hindi (hi)चॉकलेटcokaleet
Japanese (ja)チョコレートchokorēto
Korean (ko)초콜릿chokolid
Russian (ru)шоколадshokolad
Thai (th)ช็อกโกแลตchók-goh-láet
Ukrainian (ua)шоколадshokolad

Do you know what goes best with chocolate? I know you know.

It’s love. Here’s how to say “I love you” in 32 different languages. Hehe!‌ I bet I already gave you a brilliant Valentine’s Day gift idea.

Don’t stop at chocolate!

chocolate in different languages

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