How Technology Can Simplify Application Development

Nine ways to simplify application development with technology. Smart implementation of technology will simplify application development.

How Technology Can Simplify Application Development

While going for web application development or mobile application development, the business has to strike the right balance between speed and quality. If a development project is not enforcing and implementing the guidelines, the project can exceed the budget, miss the timelines and result in stress and anxiety.

Following a quick-to-market approach can increase the chances of success. Use of best practices, guidelines and methodologies can simplify application development. Guidelines created by the development team will keep the overall development project simple, on time, and within budget. Let us have a look at the best practices, guidelines and methodologies that will help you to simplify app development and build a market-ready app without tedious processes.

The benefits of simplifying application development

According to a survey done by Kinvey with CIOs, it takes approximately 7 months and costs $270,000 on an average to build an enterprise-grade mobile application. According to Applause and Statista report published in 2017, the median cost of mobile application development was more than $120 per hour in North America and more than $50 per hour in Australia and the United Kingdom.

 simplifying application development

Due to increasing per hour costs and higher time taken to get the application market-ready, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies and small businesses to strike a balance between time, cost, return on investment and profitability.

Besides, application development is a tedious and complicated process. According to statistics published by Salesforce, 62% of the app developers reported backlogs in the app development project. Thus, there is a strong need for establishing and following the best practices, guidelines and methodologies.

app developers reported backlogs

This approach will reduce the complexity, improve efficiency, enhance productivity, and reduce the time and money required to launch a market-ready app. As a result, the chances of a higher return on investment and higher profits will increase even further. As we have understood the importance and benefits, let us see how you can make it possible.

Ways to Simplify Application Development with Technology

1. Understand the platform you are building for

There are many subtle differences between platforms, operating systems and device hardware architecture. The software development platform list is endless. Building an application for desktop and laptop targeted to Windows 10 and Mac OS users is also a somewhat complicated process as you will need to produce two different packages which are capable of running on different OS architecture.

Besides, building an app for mobile devices is even more complicated as Android smartphones come with different screen sizes and different processor from various brands. After you get familiar with the nuances of each platform you are targeting, you will have the guidelines and checklist available for each platform that will help you to simplify your development process.

2. Using low fidelity wireframes

Once you are familiar with the targeted platform, you can start building wireframes. Using wireframes will help you create the layout of the app in terms of design and architectural view.

Low-fidelity wireframes are rough blueprints, abstract and contain less detail compared to high-fidelity wireframes. However, you can quickly create low-fidelity wireframes from scratch. It is also easier to improve your wireframe with every design iteration.

Once the wireframes are ready, developers will have a clear understanding of functionalities, and UX designer will be more precise about creating an intuitive UI. As a result, team members will be on the same page and aligned with the next steps. This will save you a lot of time and prevent multiple rounds of revisions.

3. Adopt the MVP concept and cut-off non-core activities

Rather than hitting the market with a state-of-the-art application with hundreds of features, you should launch a minimum viable product in the market. You can launch it as a beta version as well to protect the brand credibility. MVP approach will help you launch the first version quickly as developers will need to only focus on creating the bare minimal functionalities.

Once you launch the application, start collecting reviews, real-time user feedback and enter into a build-measure-learn feedback loop. As a business, you need to retain and engage users. Thanks to the continued feedback, you can introduce new functionalities and fresh features every two weeks or every month. Users will appreciate their feedback is getting implemented. Hence, they will be more satisfied and engaged.

4. Adopt Agile methodology

Agile project management will allow the developers to build the application in sprints. Once you launch the minimum viable product, you can implement the user feedback in the next sprint. Thanks to the sprint approach, the efficiency of the developers and testers will increase, and they will be able to deliver better quality apps in an agile environment.
This will help you to simplify and adequately plan the overall development process and spread the total project load among multiple releases.

5. Switch to modern programming languages

Modern programming languages are efficient, secure and have more features. Compared to conventional languages, developers will need to write fewer lines of code and achieve the same functionality. Application development and emerging technologies are highly benefiting from modern languages. Using modern programming languages for application development reduces the code size and the time taken for code testing and development.
You should also choose a development platform or programming language which is vertise and can be extended to as many devices as possible. For mobile applications, software built on Rails are in high demand.

6. Building a code library will simplify app development in future

It can take significant time for app developers to create basic code-level framework of an app. Having a library or repository of basic code used to build the app is highly beneficial. It will help you speed up the development process in the future. Having a code library will simplify your app development and speed app development in the future.

7. Consider tools for hybrid mobile app development

Consider using available tools for cross-platform hybrid app development. Use of hybrid application development software will help you use a common codebase for multiple platforms. Hence, the need for writing native code for each platform will be eliminated. If you are building for Android and iOS, you will only need to build once, and you will get two apps.
However, hybrid apps come with drawbacks such as not-so-fluid animations and consume more device memory. Majority of startups and smaller companies use hybrid mobile development to quickly hit the market and replace hybrid apps with native apps in future.

8. Use new application development toolkits

Microsoft, Apple and Google keep releasing software developer kits and new development toolkits to make life of developers easier. The developers can take advantage of these toolkits to speed up the development. These kits take care of the code-level things so your development team will not have to get their hands dirty by messing with the code. These tools help developers to benefit from emerging technologies and quickly build apps. You can also opt for app development software for beginners based on your skills level.

9. Use automated tools to enhance app security

Providing users with a secure and quality product is crucial for enterprise app development. However, you can minimize the time it takes to deliver a secure application. One of the best ways to simplify app development cycles and maintain right level of security is by automating application security testing. Once you automate security testing, you will have more time available for other aspects of projects.

Smart implementation of technology will simplify application development

As we saw in the article, there are multiple tools and technologies available that will help you simplify your application development project. These tools and technologies will also help you reduce the complexity and automate specific tasks. Automation and use of latest tools will help you reduce the time it takes to launch an app, reduce your cost and increase your chances of earning higher ROI and profits.

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