Oculus Event: Practice Your Spanish and Socialize in Mondly VR Multiplayer

Chat face to face and improve your Spanish with speech recognition and intelligent suggestions accompanied by real-time translations in Mondly VR Multiplayer.

Oculus Event: Practice Your Spanish and Socialize in Mondly VR Multiplayer

Today, we have exciting news for all the Spanish and VR aficionados around the world: we are organizing a get-together event in Mondly VR.

Join us this Saturday on Oculus Gear VR and Oculus Go for another premiere in language learning. Enter a room in our multiplayer module and practice your Spanish with people from all around the world as if you were in the same room.

What will happen during the event

Eager to practice your Spanish? Or maybe just curious about our event in Oculus? Put your headset on, choose an avatar, select your native language and vamos a hablar!

We will be automatically assigned to a VR room together with a maximum of 11 other participants where will socialize and practice Spanish “face to face”. Using speech recognition and intelligent suggestions accompanied by real-time translations, Mondly VR will make sure your conversation will be both educative and entertaining.

Here’s a short video about the experience:

When to join the event

To make sure you’ll be able to join us wherever you are in the world, we created two 5-hour events on the same day. Get your VR headset ready and let’s talk:
– starting 4 PM GMT+1 (if you live in Europe)
– starting 6 PM EST/3 PM PT (if you live in The U.S.)

About Mondly VR

Mondly VR is a language learning app based in virtual reality for Daydream and Cardboard VR compatible devices. It currently provides users with 30 different languages ranging from those more commonly learned (like English, Japanese, Farsi, Mandarin, and Spanish) to languages usually only studied by native speakers and linguistics aficionados (like Finnish and Hungarian). 14 of the available learning choices in Mondly VR rank among the hardest for native English speakers to learn.
Mondly VR allows users to have conversations with a chatbot represented by a variety of digital characters which ask you questions in the target language according to the selected environment: train, restaurant, hotel’s reception, hotel room, and taxi.

By combining voice chatbot, speech recognition, and VR technology, Mondly VR offers instant immersion, feedback on pronunciation, suggestions that enrich learners’ vocabulary, and interactive scenarios that make language learning fun and incredibly easy.

Download Mondly VR and get ready for the event!

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