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Use Simple Tech To Help You Learn A New Language

Learning a new language is great if you are traveling, and will make a good addition to your C.V.  Research done by The Guardian newspaper showed that 70% of young people said that they would like to learn a new language. They were particularly interested in the fact that it could help them to get a job abroad. New technology, apps, and games to help in learning have proven to help attract a whole new demographic of people to learn a new language.  Here are some great ways to help you on your way to becoming bilingual, using simple tech.

Recording your speech

Recording your speech and playing it back is an excellent way of helping you to improve your dialogue and pronunciation skills. Use an audio interface to record a series of questions, that you can then answer yourself. It is also a good way to make a comparison of how a passage of speech sounds when spoken by a native speaker on the Mondly site, and how you would pronounce it. You may be surprised at the differences when you play your recording back. It is through analyzing your speech that you can learn to speak a new language more naturally, flowing from one sentence to the next.

Change your social media settings

By bringing your new language into your everyday life, you will learn it quicker. You will also be able to interact with other native speakers about common subjects. One great way to do this is to change your languages settings on your social media accounts. You will then be able to get used to navigating sites like Instagram and Facebook in a foreign language. Once you’ve got the hang of this, you can even consider changing your search engine settings.

Use an app

Using an App such as Mondly to learn a language, means that you have your educational material accessible at any time, as long as you have your smartphone or tablet with you. It means that you can learn even in spare moments of the day, like waiting for a bus. They are easy to download, and you can practice your new language skills in a way to fit around your lifestyle. Using an app makes the process fun and interesting.

Read eBooks in a foreign language

One of the advantages of using an eReader, such as Kindle to read foreign language books, is the built-in translation dictionary. You can use it to translate a single word, or a whole passage if needs be. If you are a beginner, it will help you to read familiar children’s stories, such as fairy tales on an eReader. Doing this will help you to understand the verbs and nouns when they are used in context. As you progress, it won’t be long before you’re reading well known translated books, such as Harry Potter et L’ecole des Sorciers! It is also well worth looking at books written specifically in your chosen language, to help you get to grips with idioms.

Immersing yourself in your new language can help you learn it quicker. Using some simple tech can really improve your understanding and pronunciation.

— Written by Jane Sandwood, Contributor at Mondly

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Use Simple Tech To Help You Learn A New Language
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