The top 3 languages to learn in 2018

You probably have a variety of reasons for wanting to learn a language in 2018. But which language to choose?

The top 3 languages to learn in 2018

Growing older means gaining wisdom, and most wise adults know that the best way to stay young and healthy in body and mind is to constantly challenge yourself to get stronger and learn new things. One common way for adults to expand their knowledge is by learning a new language.

You probably have a variety of reasons for wanting to learn a language in 2018. You know that language learning can jazz up your resume and make yourself attractive to potential employers, especially if you’re in a field that involves international travel or communication.

Learn Spanish: The Language of Love

Spanish is the official language in 20 different countries and is spoken by 570 million people around the globe. It’s considered to be one of the romance languages. These languages, which include Spanish, Portuguese and French, among others, are all Indo-European languages that evolved from Latin. The term originates from the fact that these languages trace back to those used in the Roman Empire. The term “romance” became associated with love because some of the earliest stories written in the romance languages featured dramas about love and adventure.

Spanish is also associated with love and desire due to its sound. The language features drawn-out vowels, soft consonants, and words that tend to flow together like water. This is why a non-native speaker will sometimes struggle to hear the individual words as someone speaks in Spanish. It often sounds like the person is speaking very quickly, but this is just the flowing nature of the language. This quality has led to the use of Spanish in many romantic songs and poems over the centuries.

If you want to be able to spout romantic musings to people all around the planet, Spanish is probably your best bet.

Learn German: The Language of Science and Scholars

Up to 110 million people speak German. Aside from Germany itself, the language is also used in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, parts of Belgium and Liechtenstein. While fewer people speak German than Spanish, it can still be an incredibly valuable language to learn, especially if you’re involved in the global marketplace, the sciences or engineering.

German is the most commonly used language within the scientific community. A total of 77 Nobel Prizes in the categories of physics, chemistry, and medicine have all gone to people from countries where German is spoken. Germans are also considered world leaders in the field of engineering. If you work in any of these fields, learning German could lead to better networking among your peers and possibly even new opportunities.

You also might be interested in learning German simply because it’s relatively easy to learn. It’s estimated that the average adult can become proficient in German after about six months of steady practice. That means that with the help of a powerful language-learning app like Mondly, you could be speaking German with ease within a year!

Learn French: The Language of Culture and World Travel

Around 272 million people around the globe speak French, and it’s the only other language aside from English that is spoken on every continent. Along with the typical benefits of learning a language, such as having more opportunities in the global marketplace and improving your resume, you will have access to an amazing culture if you learn French.

French is the language used by many talented musicians, fashion designers, chefs, filmmakers, authors, and architects. By learning French, you will have access to music and books you may have never heard of before. You’ll also be able to consider new paths for your education. Being fluent in French is an entrance requirement at some of the country’s most prestigious universities.

It’s smart to learn French if you’re interested in travel. Those who would like to experience the colorful and vibrant culture of Paris will benefit from even having a moderate awareness of the language. While hospitality workers in many common tourist areas do their best to cater to English speakers, you’ll be able to explore much more of the country if you speak a little French. It’s also a good language to know if you plan on traveling off the beaten path in Switzerland, Canada, parts of Africa and a variety of other countries around the world.

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Learn a Language: Get Started Now for Free

It’s not too late to learn a language in 2018. If you get started now and dedicate yourself to practicing, you could make major progress by the end of the year. Now is the time to learn Spanish, French, German or any other language, so get started with Mondly today. Featuring voice chat technology with native speakers and offering a unique a Virtual Reality app, Mondly is considered one of the top language apps of 2018.

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