Arabic language lessons for everyone

We’re happy to announce that the Arabic language lessons are now available to every one of you.

Arabic language lessons for everyone

We’re happy to announce that the Arabic course is now available to every one of you. After releasing Mondly for Arabic speakers a few months ago, we received so many kind requests from you, to make an app that will teach everyone Arabic. And guess what? We listened and started working on the course. It took our team six months of hard word to make this possible. But it was worth the effort. You can now learn Arabic with Mondly from 32 mother tongues.

Building a great language learning app is a great challenge.

It’s an even greater challenge to build an app that teaches a language as complex as Arabic. From our experience, we know that one of the greatest difficulties with learning Arabic is the writing system. Many people even give up learning because of it. Our mission is to make all languages available to everyone, so with that in mind, our developers joined efforts with designers and language experts to give you a beautiful learning experience. We bridged the gap between the Latin alphabet and the Arabic alphabet by introducing transliterations for all the Arabic words and phrases that are available in Mondly. This makes reading more accessible so that you can enjoy learning such a beautiful and mysterious language.

So whether you’re traveling to the Northern part of Africa, doing business in Dubai, or simply curious about new languages, we’d love to be your favorite language learning guide. The new app for Arabic teaches you more than 5,000 words and phrases and the whole course spreads over more than 100 hours of learning.

We really hope that you will enjoy learning Arabic with Mondly as much as we enjoyed working on this course. Your positive feedback motivates us every step of the way.

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    1. Hi Curtis and thanks for your message. We teach Standard Arabic. You should give it a go. It’s free.

      Keep in touch!

  1. Hi… Congratulations for giving us this new possibility to learn Arabic, I think it’s wonderful. I have only one suggestion. It would be nice if the words in Arabic could includ the short vowels too, to learn in an easier way to pronoun. Of course, is not common in the majority of the texts but for lerning would be really helpful.

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