How learning a new language can boost your brain

Did you know that learning a new language is the brain pill that can make you think better, clearer and more effectively?

How learning a new language can boost your brain

We’ve seen the many reasons why you should embark on the beautiful journey of learning a new language – meet new people, get to know other cultures and even make your resumé stand out for potential employers. But guess what? There’s more. Much more.
There has been scientific research around how language learning affects your brain and this inspired us to share some aspects on the matter.

Here are 5 ways in which language learning can improve your thinking processes:

1. Increase native language ability

When you learn a new language, you inevitably go through the grammar of your own language; or of the language that you’re learning from. This will help you remember grammar rules and increase your language ability. There’s nothing more attractive than good grammar.

2. Build confidence

Knowledge is power. And language knowledge is no exception. Being able to speak other languages will boost your confidence not only in a foreign country, but also in social and business situations. If you feel confident, you communicate that through body language. This will make people listen to you, agree with you and even follow you. Now who wouldn’t want that?

3. Become more open-minded

Learning a new language is much more than learning the words. You immerse yourself in the country’s culture and you become more aware of all the things that are different from the ones you know. This is a truly mind-opening experience and it can enrich your life.

4. Sharpen cognitive skills

The moment you start to study French, your next visit to Paris will be completely different. All that gibberish with a romantic accent will start making sense and you will pay more attention to the conversations around you.

5. General brain power

Scientists agree on one brain fact – it slows down with age. But it’s also like a muscle and, as long as you constantly train it, you should be fine. Improving your language skills is also good exercise for your brain and in the long run it will keep your thinking sharp.

Learning a new language is the brain pill that can make you think better, clearer and more effectively. And do you know what’s the quick pill for learning a new language? We’ll give you a hint: it’s something fun, easy and effective.

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