The Most Common Korean Phrases and Idioms

Start learning the most common Korean phrases

Korean is a fascinating and melodious language, rich in history and culture. It plays a significant role in the global landscape, especially with the rising popularity of Korean culture and entertainment. So, why not learn a few basic Korean phrases and expressions? Doing so can not only enhance your general knowledge but also bring you joy and a deeper understanding of a vibrant culture.
The Korean language has an extensive array of sentences and structures, which might seem daunting at first. However, there's a bright side to this. The encouraging news is that you only need to learn a fraction of the total Korean sentences to become fluent. For instance, knowing just around 100 words could enable you to understand 50% of any text in Korean. Yes, that's correct! You don't need to master every detail of Korean to engage in a genuine conversation with a native Korean speaker.
The secret is to learn Korean the smart way. Start with the most common Korean phrases and expressions and build from there. Learning sentence after sentence, you’ll feel one step closer to fluency. Then, to lock the knowledge in, use the Korean sentences you learned in real conversations. So, why not make the first step towards learning Korean today? Let’s go over some common sentences in Korean you can learn right now. These are just a fraction of the phrases spoken by native Korean speakers you can listen to on Mondly, our high rated language learning app loved by millions of people around the world.

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Top 10 Korean phrases and sentences you need to know

We have prepared a list of common Korean expressions that will help you have a basic conversation in Korean in no time. Let's dig in!

  1. 1. 안녕하세요. = Good morning.

    Sometimes, all you need to start the day right is a good coffee and someone greeting you smiling. “Good morning!”
    Now enjoy being greeted by a native speaker:


  2. 2. 안녕하세요. = Good afternoon.

    But what if it's later in the day and you want to greet someone from South Korea? Well, “Good afternoon” in Korean is 안녕하세요.
    Now listen to how an Korean speaker would say “Good afternoon”:


  3. 3. 내 이름은 먼들리입니다. = My name is Mondly.

    Let's say your name is Mondly, you are traveling to South Korea and meet someone on the street. To introduce yourself you can say "내 이름은 먼들리입니다" which means "My name is Mondly" in Korean.
    Listen to how an Korean speaker would pronounce this phrase:

    내 이름은 먼들리입니다.

  4. 4. 당신을 만나 뵙게 되어 반갑습니다. = I'm pleased to meet you.

    Now that you have introduced yourself, a Korean speaker would respond "당신을 만나 뵙게 되어 반갑습니다" which means "I'm pleased to meet you" in Korean.
    Listen to a native Korean speaker saying this to you right now:

    당신을 만나 뵙게 되어 반갑습니다.

  5. 5. 어떻게 지내십니까? = How are you?

    At this point, it might be polite to ask the person you are having a conversation with "How are you?" in Korean.
    It’s really easy to pronounce. Here's how to say it:

    어떻게 지내십니까?

  6. 6. 덕분에 잘 지냅니다. 당신은요? = Fine, thanks. And you?

    If, on the other hand, a Korean speaker asks you first how are you doing, this is how you can answer politely. Apply the unspoken rule of politeness everywhere you go and many doors shall joyously open in your path.
    Here's a native speaker showing you how to say it:

    덕분에 잘 지냅니다. 당신은요?

  7. 7. 맥주를 주세요. = I’d like a beer.

    And because you might find yourself in a bar when visiting the South Korea, you might have to learn how to order a beer in Korean.
    Let a native Korean speaker show you how it's done:

    맥주를 주세요.

  8. 8. 미안합니다. = I'm sorry.

    There are times when what you ordered is out of stock, so a bartender might say "I'm sorry" which means "미안합니다" in Korean.
    Listen to how it's pronounced:


  9. 9. 곧 만나요! = See you soon!

    Certainly, a suitable way to say "See you soon" in Korean, particularly if you're addressing a co-worker and expecting to see them the following day, is "내일 봐요" (naeil bwayo). This phrase is appropriate for a professional environment and is commonly used in Korean.
    Delight your senses with a Korean speaker saying the phrase:

    곧 만나요!

  10. 10. 안녕히 가세요. = Goodbye.

    Let's end with the best way to end a pleasant conversation politely. This is another way of saying "Goodbye" in Korean.
    Here's how a person from the South Korea would pronounce it:

    안녕히 가세요.

Korean idioms for certain situations

Korean landmark

Let's discover the shortest correct phrase in Korean. And here it is: "가다!" (Gada!), which translates to "Go!" and is used to indicate starting an action or movement. However, this is more of an exception. In terms of complete sentences, one of the shortest and correct sentences in Korean is “저예요” (Jeoyeyo), which means "It's me." This is often used to confirm your identity when someone is looking for you or asking if you are a particular person.

Korean landmark

The benefits of learning the most common Korean phrases first

Get smarter day by day

Learning a new language is a perfect way to boost your IQ. In no time, your brain will make new connections and associations and you’ll feel that learning Korean was one of the best choices you ever made.

Have real conversations in Korean today

Once you start learning a few basic sentences in Korean you will have the knowledge to start your first English conversation. That’s why, at Mondly, we’ve created experiences that simulate real life conversations to get you speaking English in no time.

Become fluent in Korean quicker

Starting with the basics, we quickly lay a foundation for you to learn more complex Korean phrases and sentences. We gradually build your English knowledge so you get fluent faster than you could imagine.

Feel how easy to learn the Korean language can be

Every language experience should start gradually, from the easiest to the more complex concepts. Starting with the easiest and most common Korean phrases, you will feel confident in your ability to learn a new language. That’s one of the core principles Mondly is built on.

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