Mondly's new Conversational Chatbot is meant to provide fun and adaptive lessons that encourage users to practice the language they are learning in everyday scenarios, such as making introductions, ordering in a restaurant or checking into a hotel. The app uses speech recognition enhanced with our proprietary object recognition engine to recognize voice input and create adaptive visual responses. It understands millions of phrases in 33 languages, it replies with human voice and it improves every day. Most of all it's really fun to play with.

Adaptive learning
Mondly adapts its difficulty according to your results. When you get it right, your level upgrades and there’ll be no useless repetitions. This optimized learning experience will make your new skills stick for good.
Professional native speakers
We use the amazing power available in our devices to record, interpret and even mix the learners voice with the native speakers voice to create new learning experiences that would stick in your mind forever.
Speech recognition
The amazing speech recognition feature will give you confidence to speak the language and to do it the way natives do.

Mondly Features

Learn with pictures
Addictive play
Track your progress
Compete with friends
Real conversations
Gorgeous graphics
Native speakers
Crystal clear voice clarity
Speech recognition
User leaderboards

Available on all platforms

What people are saying

I dropped my Playstation to learn spanish with Mondly
United Kingdom
After one day of learning with Mondly, I can already speak better Italian than I can speak French after 8 years in school!