4 Tips for Successful Corporate Language Learning

In order to reap the full rewards of language learning programs, corporations should follow these tips.

4 Tips for Successful Corporate Language Learning

In a globalized world, language learning is now considered essential to remain competitive. But how can corporations ensure that corporate language learning is successful? Here are four tips to help ensure that employees will get the most out of their professional development. 

Relevant Content

Ensure personalization in your employee training to keep learners engaged. Courses should be well-curated based on employees’ job functions and sector in business. When learners realize that the lessons they’re studying are directly applicable to their everyday work experiences, they’re going to be more interested in learning. In this way, learning becomes more efficient, engaging, and enjoyable. 

A place to start understanding your employees’ language learning needs is to determine skill gaps within your organization. Move forward with the understanding that learners have their own unique learning objectives and needs when it comes to solving problems they encounter at work.


Successful corporate language learning encourages learners to keep going. Setting an end-goal and assessing progress along the way can be an effective strategy for shifting an employee’s mindset toward learning. 

Along the way, be sure to build enthusiasm and engagement by communicating the benefits and reasons behind language development. Explain not only the benefits, but also what you hope employees will gain from it, building buy-in at both a professional and personal level. 


For global businesses, all hours are business hours. Your employees lead busy lives at work and at home. Successful language learning has to fit into busy schedules, in any time zone. Additionally, adults, being freedom-loving individuals, want to be given the opportunity to learn at their own time and pace. 

Learning shouldn’t stop at the office door, and it shouldn’t be restricted to a location or a schedule. Successful language learning employs programs that allow learners to have content delivered to them at their highest point of need–not when they’re in the middle of something at work. Using a language program that emphasizes on-demand learning allows employees to take charge of their learning anywhere, anytime. 

Part of the Culture

Embed learning in your corporate culture. Make sure your corporation’s leadership team visibly supports the training programs. Communicate how language development relates back to the corporate mission and vision. 

You may have employees that are uncomfortable with the idea of learning a new skill, particularly a new language. Take time to ensure that everybody understands the language program you’re employing. Consider hosting an introductory workshop in which you walk through the program’s functionality to help build familiarity and comfortability. Create an open environment where people feel safe to ask questions or convey concerns.

Take the first step

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