This Is the One Corporate Gift That Everyone Will Love

Looking for a useful, affordable and basically perfect gift for your employees? Here’s one of the best corporate gifts on the market.

This Is the One Corporate Gift That Everyone Will Love

Employees are a company’s greatest asset. You know it and that is exactly why you are looking for corporate gifts ideas right now. Christmas is right around the corner and you want to celebrate one more amazing year full of great achievements with more than just a simple “thank you”. You want a thoughtful gift they will really appreciate.

Before your employees have the chance to say it, we’ll say it first: hats off to you! It’s great that you are doing this!

And one more thing: it’s great that you are here because you just saved the pain of countless hours of research on Amazon for the best corporate gift. Here’s the answer you were looking for, the affordable corporate gift that everyone will appreciate: MondlyWORKS, a custom language solution for business.

MondlyWORKS – the highlight of corporate gifts

We know you want the best corporate gift for your employees. It has to be useful, affordable, send the right message, truly show your appreciation and maybe even be versatile enough to be used by the entire family of one employee. Well, MondlyWORKS meets all these conditions and maybe some more you didn’t even think about yet.

With MondlyWORKS, you’ll be memorable.

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Mondly – the perfect gift for your employees

Besides, what better gift is there than one that will help your employees grow, learn and become global citizens of the world? Sure, a custom roly-poly toy is cool and it looks good on the desk for about two weeks. But what’s the real use of it? Notebooks, pens? Don’t we all have a bunch of those at home that we don’t use? Why not offer something TRULY USEFUL? Something that not only your employees will use, but also their kids?

Affordable, flexible, global – the perfect corporate Christmas gift

You don’t want to be shallow. You want to be memorable. That’s why we think MondlyWORKS, the intelligent language solution for business, is the best corporate gift for your employees. Forget cheap gimmicks. Get something that will last. This year, give your employees a world of languages. Here are the full benefits of choosing MondlyWORKS for your employees:


This intelligent language solution for business is better than the perfect presents. It’s a great tool that your employees can use to learn some of the most spoken languages of the world.


We know how important budgets are. That is why we made MondlyWORKS affordable for everyone. Let’s get in touch ( and discuss this investment together.


An inch-thick textbook on how to learn Spanish is a nice present, but it will end up on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. Nobody wants that. So we made MondlyWORKS highly engaging. Your employees will love every minute of it!


Do your employees need a second language to do their job? Even better. MondlyWORKS will help them perfect their pronunciation in a language they already know or learn a new language from scratch.


You never know. Maybe John from Delivery wanted to learn Spanish or Japanese for a while now. With MondlyWORKS there are no restrictions. Every employee can learn any language. Besides, if you want to make it a “rule”, the platform also offers access to a dedicated dashboard where you can manage, invite new users, see their statistics and track their progress.


We’ll discuss the full benefits of MondlyWORKS in a bit, but the truly great news comes right now: in addition to Mondly, every employee will also get access to Mondly Kids, an interactive app that their children will absolutely love!

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The full benefits of MondlyWORKS

Based on Mondly, the award-winning language learning app with over 50 million users worldwide, MondlyWORKS uses the power of technology to help businesses learn new languages in the fastest and most efficient way. And now it can be the perfect gift for your employees. Here are the full features of Mondly:

World-class technology as your employees deserve

MondlyWORKS uses the state-of-the-art speech recognition engine used by Apple and Google.

Available on any device: Web, iOS & Android

Your employees can improve their language skills anytime and anywhere with MondlyWORKS.

33 languages to choose from

Besides, they can learn any of the available languages from their own native tongue.

Rich audio and visual content

The engaging learning methodology of MondlyWORKS introduces learners to everyday scenarios.

Designated content for various professions

Medical professionals, flight attendants, shop assistants, hotel staff and restaurant staff can easily learn a new language with dedicated content for their line of work.

Advanced management and reporting system

As a manager, you can easily track the progress & activity of each user and have full control over the existing licenses.

To sum that up, if you want to go the extra mile, choose MondlyWORKS for your employees.

Get in touch and get the perfect corporate gift today

The winter holiday is just around the corner. So what are you waiting for?

Get MondlyWORKS and make sure you’ll make a lasting impact on your employees. E-mail us today at and take MondlyWORKS for a test drive.

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