Black Friday Deal: 96% OFF for Lifetime Access to Mondly Premium

The deal can’t get any better than this.

Black Friday Deal: 96% OFF for Lifetime Access to Mondly Premium

You’ve waited all year for this. Black Friday is finally here with a doorbuster deal from Mondly: 96% OFF for lifetime access to 41 languages.

Learning new languages has never been easier. And cheaper!

Read on to find out all about this exclusive sale.

Back in stock by popular demand

Did you wait for Black Friday to get the best price possible for your wishlist? Then this is your lucky day. 96% OFF for lifetime access to 41 languages is the year’s biggest and best sale.

Forget about the worry of annual payments and price increases. People everywhere love the Mondly lifetime offer most because:

  • you pay once and get access to 41 languages for life;
  • you get access to all future updates so the value of your investment increases over time;
  • you save thousands of dollars worth of language courses;
  • you can be sure you got the best possible price because the offer applies automatically to the cart with no code needed.

The downside? There’s a limited quantity of Mondly lifetime subscriptions left. So hurry up and get it now if you want to be one of the few people to enjoy this exclusive Black Friday sale.

Fluency in 41 languages at Black Friday prices

This Black Friday, you can shop smart and save BIG. If you are considering making a long-term investment in yourself, the 96% OFF lifetime offer from Mondly is the bargain you’ve been looking for. You’ll not only save money now, but you’ll also WIN money in the long run. Learning new languages is the best way to broaden your horizons and:

  • acquire valuable skills with practical application;
  • land the job of your dreams in another country;
  • go on an extended adventure abroad;
  • or even find love (many of our learners did!).

What are the features included in Mondly Premium?

Do you want to build practical language skills for real life? Get from 0 to conversational fast? Speak the language from day 1? Mondly can help you achieve all this and even more!

Dive into more than 300 fun-sized lessons spread across 50 real-world topics, or take it slow with Mondly’s free Daily Lessons, Weekly Quizzes, and Monthly Challenges.

Mondly was named “App of the Year” by Facebook and “Best New App” by Apple, having over 100 million downloads. It combines a conversation-focused curriculum, speech recognition, and bite-sized lessons that will get you fluent faster, easier and smarter than any other language course.

With Mondly, you can gain the ability to speak up to 41 languages ranging from high-demand ones such as English, French or German to less widespread ones such as Korean or Persian. Moreover, while most language learning apps will only let you learn English from your native language, Mondly adapts to your needs. Do you speak native Polish and want to learn Korean? No problem! Mondly allows you to learn up to 40 languages from your native language.

Additionally, by combining the inductive method and maximal lexical coverage with a minimum amount of effort, Mondly ensures the best possible results yet. That’s how millions worldwide get fluent so fast with this brilliant app. You’ll be amazed at how high your retention rate becomes when learning languages with Mondly.

Hurry up to get the Mondly lifetime offer now and gain access to all the amazing benefits included in Premium:

Mondly FeaturesFreePremium
Keep your mind sharp with quick Daily Lessons, Weekly Quizzes & Monthly Challenges
Full access to 41 different language courses – a total of 1320 language combinations
Master the basics with 250+ lessons organized into practical topics – from family, weather, travel, to sports, food, and many more
36 vocabulary builders to learn new words fast and cement your knowledge
Learn pronunciation with 50+ conversations between native speakers
Grammar features & conjugation tables to deepen your understanding of the language
Access to the entire collection of over 2500 Daily Lessons, Weekly Quizzes & Monthly Challenges we have been creating since 2015
108 different English language progress tests with content from Pearson
Over 300 specialized lessons with business content for personal improvement & workforce training
Free access to Mondly Kids, our language learning app for children
Free access to the 13 Augmented Reality lessons in Mondly AR to take your learning experience to the next level

Deal of the year

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. One-time payment. Lifetime access to 41 languages. 96%‌ OFF only for a limited quantity. Hurry up! Get Lifetime Access to Mondly Premium with 96% OFF!

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