Language Lessons for a Lifetime! Celebrating 700 Free Daily Lessons

It took time, a lot of hard work, inspired decisions and tons of feedback from you, the language enthusiasts, to make Mondly better and better every day.

Language Lessons for a Lifetime! Celebrating 700 Free Daily Lessons

In May 2014 we launched Mondly with the bold vision of creating the best language learning experience in the world. That is why we envisioned a mobile app that could change the rules of the game and make learning a new language easy, fast and fun for millions for people around the world.

It took time, a lot of hard work, inspired decisions and tons of feedback from you, the language enthusiasts, to make Mondly better and better every day. Today, there are over 15 million people learning a new language on Mondly. This success can be, at least partly, attributed to our free daily lessons, our most popular feature in our apps.

Now it is time to celebrate our one and only free daily lesson feature that’s turning 700 today. Yes, you read that right. There have been 700 free daily lessons to date. Launched 2 years ago, the free daily lesson has been helping million of people worldwide learn a new language in a fun way.

 Free daily language lessons by Mondly
Mondly – Free daily language lessons

Discover our free language lessons

Each day for 365 days a year language enthusiasts get a free language lesson having a specific theme. This theme is connected with the previous one and to future daily lessons. Each lesson takes less than 5 minutes to complete and consists of roughly 13 writing, listening and reading exercises meant to boost your language skills and teach you a few extra phrases a day until you become fluent.

All exercises rely on listening to correct pronunciation of various words and phrases as spoken by native speakers. At Mondly, we believe deeply in the power of listening to improve your language and combining it with visual elements so can become fluent faster and in a more engaging way. That is why all of our words and phrases are recorded with native professional voice actors.

Learning the most commonly used words in a certain language is the smartest approach to learning a new language. Why? Because by even only knowing the most common 500 words you will be ready to have most basic conversations a native has: from greetings, to chatting about weather, family or your favorite sport.

That’s exactly why all our exercises start by introducing you one or more popular words in your chosen foreign language. Then, you will put those words into sentences so that at the end of each daily lesson you be able to use those words in real life conversations.

Free language lessons example by Mondly
Free Daily Lesson example by Mondly

For every daily lesson you complete we award you points for you to have a clear indication of your progress. These points will pile up until you will eventually level up.  Thanks to our language leaderboard you can also compare your progress and compete with other language learners around the world. You will also be able to help your country rank higher in the leaderboard.

Furthermore, when you complete all 7 daily free language lessons of the week you will unlock the Weekly Quiz. So, at the end of each week you will get the chance to refresh your memory by going over words and sentences you learned the past few days. The Weekly Quiz contains a mix of exercises similar to the ones in the Daily Lessons, takes about 15 minutes to complete. Completing the Weekly Quiz comes with bonus points  that will significantly increase your world rank and help you level up faster.

Mondly language leaderboard
Mondly language leaderboard

Free language lessons for everyone

Now that you know the ins and outs of our daily lessons you just have to dig in and learn a new language alongside millions of other language enthusiasts worldwide. It’s free, fun and will get you closer to fluency one day at a time. In the meantime, we will stay busy and keep on creating more and more free language lessons. The next stop: 1000 free daily lessons and beyond.

Thank you for being part of the journey!

P.S.: the 700th free daily lesson is about furniture. Enjoy!

6 comments on “Language Lessons for a Lifetime! Celebrating 700 Free Daily Lessons

    1. Hi, Evita and thank you for your message.

      The fire icon signifies your Streak – the number of consecutive days you have finished at least one lesson.

      So, if you finish your first lesson today, your Streak will be 1. If you keep going and tomorrow you finish another lesson your Streak will be 2. If on the 3rd day you forget to do a lesson, your Streak resets to 0. Then, if you finish 3 lessons on a row your Streak will be 3 and so on.

      P.S.: We’re all human and know that sticking to the good habit of learning something new every day is hard. The Streak is specifically created to help you form the useful habit of learning a new language for at least 5 minutes per day.

      Hope this helps:)

  1. Hello dear
    Mondly is a great program for learning a new language. I am using it almost every day. The best part of mondly is the daily lessons.

    If possible increase the content of daily lessons and separate the repetitive slides from new ones.
    13 slides per day are too few. you can double or triple it .for this aim it doesn’t need to add new vocabularies. you can make several new simple sentences ; even simple sentences for news or novels. It would be possible to add at least 20 completely new sentences per day.

    Choose a free novel or a news website , select some simple phrase or sentence and add it to daily lessons.
    you can continue this for decades!!! and make mondly a Megacontent language learning tool.

    1. Thank you for your suggestions, Yaser. I’ll forward your ideas to the Free Daily Lessons team:)

      Have a nice day!

  2. Hello,
    Thank you so much for this great app!
    I am doing a project at school and it is about Mondly. I had a few questions and it would be very helpful if you could answer them for me.
    1. Who is the developer of this app?
    2. Where was it created?
    3. When was it created?
    4. Why was it created?

  3. I think that 13 is a good number of “items” for each day. One wants enough to be challenging, but small enough so that nearly everyone can do them in one easy sitting. And I like the repitition of topics with almost identical items at a later date. I do not learn everything from a lesson at one time, even if I do it several times during a single day. I like the ability to find the lessons with a single topic (e.g., work) and do them. I started with mondly around May of 2016. After a few months I started going back and taking the earlier ones until I caught up will all of the (Japanese) ones that have been released. I then switched to intermediate level, and am working some “back” lessons as well as the daily ones. I am suspecting that there are performance reasons why all of the prior back-lessons are not available, however, it would be nice if they were accessible easier.
    On a separate topic, a .pdf tutuorial of the application would be helpful in answering questions as to how to get the best of the application. The pedagogical data I am familiar with indicates that blundering though finding how-to-do something is not a time-effective way to learn anything.
    As a third comment, I like the “tracking” of time/words/phrases that is recent. I’m approaching 1000 words (presented, not learned, the two are not identical) & 800 phrases.

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