3 Years and 20 Million Downloads Later: A Mondly Tale

Mondly has just turned 3 and has exciting news to share with you. Read Mondly's story and discover what the future of language learning looks like.

3 Years and 20 Million Downloads Later: A Mondly Tale

They say that the first three years are the most difficult for a new company. It is like a rite of passage where you go through ups and downs, highs and lows to prove you’ve got what it takes to make a dent in the universe.

Today, it is a very special day for us. We celebrate our 3 year anniversary and we have some exciting news: we reached 20 million downloads! This means we have more students than the top 10 universities in the world combined.

It is a day of celebration, reminiscence, and hope for an even brighter future. Join us while we go back to the very beginning, cruise by the present and take a look into our promising future. It is going to be a roller coaster ride so hold on tight. Ready?

Learn languages free online with the app downloaded by 20 million people - Mondly, nominated for Best Education Startup of 2017 at The Europas

The inception

Mondly was born 3 years ago, on the 28th of May 2014, when we launched the first version of our iOS app with high hopes.

But, Mondly’s real journey began months before the official launch date. It all started with a bold idea that could use innovative new technology to build a better, more effective and fun way to learn a new language.

We chose to harness the power of smartphones backed by 4 powerful learning principles to create a smart app. To this date, these principles guide every decision we make, every new lesson we create and every new product we build:

1. Learn through common phrases, not individual words

Unlike random strings of words, phrases paint a picture and convey meaning. That is why learning the most common phrases helps you acquire a language faster.

2. Learn by listening to native speakers

Research shows that we learn a great deal with our ears. That is why we are working with professional native speakers to record crystal-clear audio so you can absorb the language faster with the help of flawless pronunciations and accents.

3. Learn by having real conversations

The ultimate goal of learning any language is its use in real life. That is why we built a Chatbot and a Virtual reality app that immerse you in simulated conversations to help you prepare for real-life conversations.

4. Lock-in the knowledge using a smart repetition system

We use specific, tested and effective intervals for repetition to help you permanently pick up words and phrases.

The language revolution

Innovation is what keeps us going. That is the reason why we continuously strive to build innovative new features and products to make language learning easier and more fun.

Our first major breakthrough is the voice-enabled Chatbot. Being the first Voice-Chatbot for language learning in the world, it has attracted the attention of language learners across the globe. It’s a remarkable piece of technology that changes the way people learn languages. How? Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the Chatbot enables learners to have conversations in 34 different languages within the Mondly apps. Today, we can proudly announce that our Chatbot has seen over 40 million interactions just months after launch. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can give it a go for free on iOS, Android or on our website.

The new frontier: Virtual Reality for language learning

Imagine being able to have conversations in 30 different languages with a virtual character from the comfort of your own home. That is exactly what our first-of-its-kind Virtual Reality app does: using speech recognition and Chatbot technology, it helps you to prepare for real life conversations. Launched back in February, our app’s potential has been praised by some the biggest tech publications such as Forbes, DigitalTrends, TheNextWeb, ZDNet and many other. It is the type of product that could potentially change the way we learn languages. Forever. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can download it here.

Language learning with Mondly VR, nominated for Best Education Startup of 2017 at The Europas

Education for the new generation

Making language apps for adults is a real challenge. But, bringing our app to a level that children can use it is even challenging as well as extremely fulfilling. The little ones are the future and as the future is built on new technologies so should their learning be. The sounds, the games, the colors keep them focused and features such as the Daily Lesson teaches them what responsibility looks like. You can download Mondly for Kids on your iOS or Android devices.

Mondly for Kids - free languages for kids (small)

Over the years we’ve always stayed true to our ultimate goal: to help you easily pick-up the languages you always dreamed of learning so you can have richer life experiences.

Thank you for being with us on this wonderful journey and we hope you stick around for years to come.

Mondly languages infographic

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