Back to School Sale: 50% OFF to Get Back on Track and Learn Languages Fast

The biggest Back to School sale is HERE! GET 50% OFF for Mondly Premium.

Back to School Sale: 50% OFF to Get Back on Track and Learn Languages Fast

Just in time for you to get back on track after the summer holiday, Mondly has kicked off an exclusive Back to School 50%‌ OFF sale to help you learn the language you always wanted to learn by the end of the year.

50% OFF for an entire year

Going back to school was always one of the best feelings in the world because you got to spend more time with your friends again. Sadly, only a few weeks into the school year, when things got serious and you had to get back to learning languages from inch-thick textbooks, you were beginning to miss the carefree summer days.

But now it’s time to say goodbye to daunting scenarios of dry memorization techniques and notebook pages full of verb conjugations that lack context. Why? Because you are going back to school with Mondly and a 50% OFF‌ sale! That means you’ll learn languages faster, easier and smarter than ever before. 

Whether you want to bring back the French you learned in high school, learn Spanish from scratch to move to another country, or get ahead of your classmates in your German classes, Mondly has your back with 41 languages (and counting). Do you speak Spanish and want to learn English? Or maybe you know Thai and want to learn Greek? It’s all possible and easier than ever with Mondly. 

mondly back to school sale
Get Mondly now and learn the language you always wanted to learn!

Why Mondly?

With over 80 million downloads in 190 countries and a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from over 1,000,000 customer reviews, Mondly is the complete language learning platform you’ve always been looking for. Its revolutionary and intuitive approach to language learning has been praised not only by users, but also by influential media companies like Forbes, CNN, Inc., Bloomberg, Gartner, and many others.

By combining solid neural science with cutting-edge technologies and bite-sized daily lessons, Mondly sucks out the pain of learning a new language and gets you fluent faster than any other language course in the world. 

Still not sure? Mondly offers an exclusive gamified experience designed to beef up your knowledge little by little and shape you into a better, more natural speaker. You’ll swipe up and down, arrange letters into words and words into sentences, select the right answer, use your voice to repeat the correct pronunciation of certain words and earn points for every completed lesson. And you know what? It only takes two minutes a day to learn a language for life with Mondly.

Should we also mention that within Mondly you can practice REAL conversations? All from the comfort of your own home and without the fear of embarrassment you get when practicing conversations with a native speaker.

So what are you waiting for?

The Back to School season is here Mondly has a 50% OFF‌ sale for 41 languages for an entire year. Now it’s the best time to start learning the language you always wanted to learn. Stop postponing your life! Act now. Get Mondly and get smart.

Get Mondly Premium with 50% OFF now!

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