Learn Romanian With the Award-Winning App Made by Romanians

Wanna learn from the best? Learn Romanian from Romanians themselves.

Learn Romanian With the Award-Winning App Made by Romanians

What better way is there to learn Romanian than with an app made by Romanians themselves? Forget about dry memorization techniques that lack context. The world’s best way to learn Romanian is Mondly, an app made in Romania. Featuring fun, easy and effective language courses designed by the natives for you, Mondly will help you speak Romanian from day 1.

You don’t even have to take my word for it. Have you heard about Dracula? Famous vampire, born and raised in Transylvania, Romania. How do you think he knows such perfect English? He learned it with Mondly, of course!

Kidding about the Dracula part, but Mondly can really help you learn up to 41 languages. Here’s more about how it can help you master Romanian.

The Romanian language — Dracula’s mother tongue

With over 23 million speakers worldwide, the Romanian language is the official and national language of Romania and Moldova and one of the official languages of the European Union. If you don’t know where to locate Romania, think Central Eastern Europe. As already mentioned, Romania is also the home of the infamous Dracula, most commonly known by Romanians as Vlad the Impaler.

One of the most surprising things about Romanian is the fact that it is a Romance language, therefore related to Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Entirely surrounded by Slavic-speaking countries, it’s still a mystery how Romanian and most of its Latin roots managed to prevail as a Romance language in Eastern Europe. Slavic populations that passed through the territory at some point did not transform, but rather just influenced the Romanian language. That’s why there are some Romanian words that sound nothing like their Italian, Spanish or French counterparts.

romance language
Romanian, the unusual Romance language.

Written using the Latin alphabet (plus five additional letters with diacritics), Romanian is fairly easy to read and speak because it is a phonetic language. This means that all the words are pronounced exactly as they are spelled. Awesome news if you want to learn Romanian fast! Besides, if you’re already familiar with one or more Romance languages, learning gets even easier. Here are some words and phrases that may look familiar:


As you can see from these examples, Romanian is closest to Italian most of the time. So it’s no mere coincidence that the largest population of Romanian expats can be found in Italy.

When it comes to grammar though, Romanian seems to be the odd one out. Due to its isolation from the other Latin languages, it developed in rather different directions. That is why its definite articles are enclitic (attached to the end of the noun) and not proclitic (in front of the noun). However, unlike other Latin languages, Romanian has stayed true to the Latin morphological case differentiation: nominative/accusative, genitive/dative, and vocative.

Learn Romanian online with free daily lessons

Now that you know a thing or two about Romanian, it’s time to get down to business. Here’s everything you should know about Mondly, the best way to learn Romanian free of charge with daily lessons.

First of all, Mondly is all about practicality. You’ll only learn what’s relevant in real life, not books. Besides, you’ll speak Romanian from day 1 of using the app. Get ready to dive into more than 300 fun-sized lessons spread across 50 real-world topics or take it slow with Mondly’s free Daily Lessons, Weekly Quizzes, and Monthly Challenges. All designed to get you ready for the most common situations.

learn romanian online
Learn Romanian online with Mondly.

Secondly, while most language learning apps will only let you learn Romanian from English, Mondly adapts to your needs. Do you speak native German or native French and want to learn Romanian? No problem! Mondly allows you to learn Romanian from your native language.

Afraid this is not the best app for you? Forbes, CNN and Business Insider think otherwise. They’ve endorsed Mondly. Additionally, the app was also awarded “App of the Year” by Facebook, “Best New App” by Apple, and “Editors’ Choice” by Google Play. So you’re in GREAT company.

Are you ready to learn? Consisting of super fun, effective and accessible language lessons, the Romanian course from Mondly is available on iOS, Android and web. This is to say you can practice Romanian anytime, anywhere and on any device.

The benefits of learning Romanian with Mondly

Let’s be honest: Romanian is not exactly the easiest Romance language to learn. That’s why you have to take lessons from the best. And who would be the best at speaking Romanian if not Romanians themselves? Lucky for you, Mondly was created by a team of Romanians in Transylvania. Exactly what you were looking for, right?

Here’s what you can get access to if you download the app now:

  • 250 lessons organized into 50 topics to prepare you for the most common situations;
  • 36 vocabulary builders to assimilate words fast;
  • 41 real conversations to get you fluent from day 1;
  • grammar features & conjugation tables to shortcut your way to progress;
  • quick Daily Lessons for constant improvement;

… and so much more!

Speak Romanian like a local on your next trip to Romania

What piqued your interest in Romania? Was it its appearance in the Top Gear show with the world’s best road? Was it falling in love with a Romanian? The famous song ‘Dragostea din Tei’? Sebastian Stan? Dracula? Or maybe just a friend that told you about all the great parties in Bucharest?

No matter the reason, know this: you have yet to discover Romania’s full potential. If you are looking for a country where you can climb spectacular mountains, go to the seaside, eat good food and meet fascinating people, Romania should be on your list. Watch Flavours of Romania on Netflix if you want to get a better idea of what this little country is all about.

Now, if you do decide to visit, what better way is there to fully discover a new destination than by interacting with its people? And Mondly empowers you to do just that. By focusing on real conversations and pronunciation exercises, the app will allow you to speak like a Romanian native before your next trip there.

speak romanian
“Transfăgărășan, the best road in the world” by Gints Gailis©

The practical conversations inspired by real-life were recorded by Romanian native voice artists so you can hear how the real language sounds like. This means that the learning process is swifter than in any other app. You get to study the lesson, expand your vocabulary and then employ what you’ve learned with a dedicated conversation exercise.

Like talking to an old friend, speaking Romanian has never been easier!

10 basic Romanian words and phrases you can learn right now

Before you go, here’s a small gift for you: you’re going to learn how to say ‘hello’ in Romanian. ‘Salut!’, ‘bună!’ (’ă’ sounds like the second ‘a’ in ‘magical’) are the best choices for an informal hello, but you can also use ‘hei!’ which is pronounced the same way as the English ‘hey!’. If you need something a little more formal, you can use ‘bună dimineața’ in the morning (’t’ is pronounced ‘ts’), ‘bună ziua’ during noon and ‘bună seara’ in the evening.

That being said, here are the ten most important Romanian words and phrases. Master these and you are going to make a lot of friends in Romania.

  • Hello! – Bună!
  • yes – da
  • no – nu
  • Thanks. – Mulțumesc.
  • I’m sorry. – Îmi pare rău./Scuze.
  • What’s your name? – Cum te cheamă?
  • I am… – Eu sunt…
  • How are you? – Ce mai faci?
  • Great! – Super!
  • Goodbye! – La revedere! (formal)/ Pa! (informal)

From 0 to conversational in just 10 minutes a day

Do you want to speak Romanian fluently fast? Get Mondly, the award-winning language learning app made by Romanians for people who want to learn languages fast.

It can be really tricky to learn Romanian if you don’t actively live in Romania. But with Mondly you’ll have access to a fast and highly efficient learning method that allows you to learn Romanian naturally with practical topics, bite-sized lessons and real-life conversations.

Start using Mondly for free on your computer or download the app and learn Romanian anytime, anywhere.

Diana Lăpușneanu

Movie geek turned content writer, Diana is passionate about storytelling, mythology and art history. She is currently exploring the wonderful world of languages at Mondly where she can put her fascination with historical linguistics to good use. Her Master’s Degree in advertising helps her sail smoothly through her responsibilities as a content creator for blogs and social media.

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  1. 1) Is the course free or chargeable and how much? Will charges be 1 time or need to pay every year?
    2) Upto which level will learn Romanian as per the cerf (level A1,A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2)
    3) Can I learn more one language
    4) in general how much time will it take to learn a language

    1. Hi there 👋 I’m happy to hear you want to learn Romanian with Mondly.
      You can try Mondly for free for seven days. If you want to go Premium, there are several options:

      • €9.99 per month;
      • €47.99 per year;
      • €89.99 for lifetime access (for which you only pay once).

      All subscriptions will give you access to 41 languages including Romanian. You can read more about the offer here.

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