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Speak To The World at Multilingual Professional Events

Although translation technology is becoming more sophisticated, human translators are still very much in demand, with the translation market predicted to be worth $1.5 billion by 2024. Rather than replacing them, technology is helping translators to improve their performance and it is also helping people to learn new languages from scratch. Being familiar with other languages is invaluable when attending commercial international events where communication of ideas is made much easier with a shared knowledge of local cultures and nuances of meaning. By combining technology with determination, you can learn a language fast by immersing yourself in the language with virtual and augmented reality. Then you can start reaping the benefits of improved communication skills and accomplished negotiation.

Attending a Foreign Conference

It’s most likely that any global conference you attend will be conducted in English and interpreters will be provided for translation. However, this should not be a reason to be complacent even if English is your first language. Knowing another language decreases errors in comprehension and improves efficiency in communication, helping you to properly understand different cultures. Simply being able to greet fellow attendees in their own tongue helps break down barriers and widen your network.

Planning An International Launch

Speaking a different language is a great way to reach out to new markets and clients and speaking someone’s native language is good business. Even if you are not yet fluent, you can easily use an app to help you master some basic vocabulary. The effort you put into making a presentation in another language will be greatly appreciated. Spend as much time on being inclusive and getting your message across as you do on planning and marketing the event and you will find that speaking your customer’s language will bring great benefits.

Visiting A Trade Fair Abroad

Here your language skills may be less formal, however, it’s still vital to understand what is being presented to you. Using chatbot technology to help you practice phrases and idioms will help you engage in natural conversations and connect positively with foreign traders. A benefit of learning a second language is that you become more empathic and better at understanding different perspectives and this can be a real asset in striking a mutually beneficial deal. Simply sharing a joke in a different language can break the ice and lead to good lasting relations.

Through travel, technology, and translation, the world is becoming smaller as we are exposed to different cultures and ways of thinking. Seeing other people’s point of view clearly through learning their language is important for communicating unambiguously and making favorable connections with the world.

— Written by Jane Sandwood, Contributor at Mondly

Speak To The World at Multilingual Professional Events
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