Learn Portuguese online on one of the top language websites | Mondly

Going on a trip to Brazil or just want to learn Portuguese? Mondly is the best app for your to start learning Portuguese now!

Learn Portuguese online on one of the top language websites | Mondly

Going on a trip to Portugal? Or maybe Brazil? How about Mozambique? Well, we have your helper right here! And boy, are you lucky! We’ve just launched new sections on our website which will help you learn Portuguese faster than you can say “Bom dia!”

For most people, Portuguese is the language that best expresses passion. Also, it is when they hear Portuguese that they start thinking about Rio de Janeiro and Carnival. So why not learn it today? We’re happy to tell you that Portuguese is a native language for over 215 million people, being an official language in 9 countries. That makes Portuguese the 6th most spoken language on Earth.  

To start learning Portuguese, you first have to sign up for Mondly.

When you do, as part of our new features, you get instant access to free daily lessons. These are quick, effective, and help you learn in a new, fun way, traveling on our website through our new features that include learning common Portuguese phrases, and taking part in conversations, so that as you move further. You get to improve grammar with fun exercises that carry you through real life situations, and vocabulary, where you have your top 10 cool and common Portuguese words pronounced by native Portuguese speakers.

We all know that speaking is an important part of learning Portuguese. And so is pronunciation. With our new feature of How to Speak, we get you in contact with Mondly’s new Chatbot, that engages in a conversation with you! You can respond to its questions and even dare to ask one. It will understand you and respond, just like any regular person would.

Why wait?

Mondly is the best app for you to start learning Portuguese now!

This app gets you started on the basics of Portuguese, building you up by matching words with images, and using words to build sentences and phrases. And so, at the end of a 45-minute lesson, you are able to reconstruct that conversation. And the best part of that is that you get to use your own voice!

We’re proud to mention that Mondly has over 20 million downloads from people in 190 countries! Also, just recently, we won the Facebook 2017 App of the Year Award in Europe, Middle East, and Africa! Well, our 4.7 stars rating on Google Play stands as a testament to that! If you’re an Android user, you’ll find us right here. Don’t worry, we don’t let our iPhone users down. If you’re on iOS, you can find us here. Or if you prefer the classic computer-based way, head on here and start learning today!

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