Learn German online on one of the top language websites | Mondly

Did you know? Mondly can help you learn German faster than you can say “Guten tag!”

Learn German online on one of the top language websites | Mondly

Going on a trip to Germany? Or maybe somewhere in Austria? How about Belgium? Well, we have your helper right here! And boy, are you lucky! We’ve just launched new sections on our website which will help you learn German faster than you can say “Guten tag!” = “Hello”.

Quick! What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “German”? Some might say “Life is too short to learn German,” while others might hint to the fact that the longest word in all the languages belongs to the German language (don’t trust us? Check it out for yourself).

So why not start learning German?

Quick hint: German is a native language for over 210 million people, being an official language in 6 countries. That makes German the 11th most spoken language on Earth. Apart from all this, people still believe it’s one of the hardest languages to learn. Indeed, it is a difficult language, considering the compound words that stretch a whole line, 3 different grammatical genders – not to mention pronunciation! Yet here is where Mondly comes to the rescue!

First, you have access to free daily German lessons, which are quick, effective, and help you learn in a new, fun way. You’ll get to explore the common phrases of the German language, while you’ll also take part in conversations. As you explore our brand new feature, as tough as it may seem in the beginning, you’ll find yourself improving grammar, which is actually thought of as highly logical, and vocabulary, which is actually quite fun to learn, faster than with any other app or device.

Moreso, speaking plays a very important part in learning German. Not to worry, Mondly’s got your back! When you join us, you have the chance to practice what you’ve learned by having real conversations. So you get to also practice your pronunciation with native speakers!

Which is one of the best features of our smart app? As much as German is difficult, Mondly has succeeded in making it easy for learners to memorize what they have learned. Our app knows the magic intervals between repetition that help you master new words and phrases and in turn uses them to help you permanently pick up words and phrases.

Why wait?

Mondly is the best app for you to start learning German now!

This app gets you started on the basics of German, building you up by matching words with images, and using words to build sentences and phrases. And so, at the end of a 45-minute lesson, you are able to reconstruct that conversation. And the best part of that is that you get to use your own voice!

Mondly has over 20 million downloads from people in 190 countries making it one of the most popular language apps in the world. Also, just recently, we won the Facebook 2017 App of the Year Award in Europe, Middle East, and Africa! Our 4.7 stars rating on Google Play Store was no easy feat, yet totally worth it! For that, you’ll find us right here. Don’t worry, we don’t let our iPhone users down. If you’re on iOS, you can find us here. Or if you prefer the classic computer-based way, head on here and start learning today!

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