Study Spanish like a pro: innovative Spanish lessons with Mondly

Learn Spanish now with Mondly's innovative Spanish lessons: bite-sized lessons, fun games & the newest technology get you speaking Spanish today!

Study Spanish like a pro: innovative Spanish lessons with Mondly

After English, Spanish is the most common spoken language in the United States. Over 45 million Americans speak Spanish as a first or second language, which means that being bilingual can be a huge asset. If you arrived here after searching for free Spanish lessons online, you’re not alone. Many Americans are hungering to learn Spanish as a second language.

Maybe you’re looking into online Spanish courses to improve your resume and stand a better chance in the job market. Perhaps you have Spanish-speaking relatives you would like to better communicate with. Some people simply love the way the Spanish language rolls off the tongue. It is considered one of the most romantic languages on the planet, after all.

Spanish Lessons that Work: Old Methods versus New

Learning a new language can be tough without the proper tools. If you didn’t learn much during those Spanish language courses and grammar lessons in high school, you might feel a bit discouraged at the thought of trying again now. If the old methods of language learning didn’t stick with you, don’t worry. Things have changed a lot over the years. New technology and innovative teaching styles have changed the way people study Spanish.

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Effective Study: Innovative Teaching Methods from Modern Linguists

Centuries ago, our world was not as globalized. Although it was common for the affluent to study foreign languages as a way of bettering themselves, it wasn’t as necessary as it is today. More people are now searching for free Spanish lessons online, and thanks to modern learning techniques, it’s now easier than ever to learn a foreign language.

Spanish Classes with Common Phrases

When you listen to others talk, you absorb information by the phrase rather than focusing on the individual words. That’s why phrase-based language lessons are so powerful. Online Spanish classes that teach using phrases, as well as individual words, can help you gain an understanding of the language much faster.

Correct Pronunciation from Native Spanish Speakers

Worries about looking silly due to incorrect pronunciation hold a lot of people back from attempting conversations in Spanish. The new teaching methods used in today’s online Spanish courses involve listening to real native speakers correctly pronouncing each phrase. This not only teaches pronunciation of the individual words but also lets the student get a feel for how those words flow together.

A Smart System of Repetition

The human mind learns through repetition, that is why repeating a positive mantra during meditation can have such a powerful effect. The same idea applies to learning languages. However, it must be used correctly. Spanish language courses that simply repeat a word with an image again and again without ever showing you the various contexts won’t do you much good. Modern linguists have found that repetition at precise intervals works best to help people gain a deep understanding of foreign phrases.

Conversational Practice

Most people who had a bad experience trying to study Spanish in the past likely never reach the point of having a real conversation. It has been discovered that it’s best for students to practice conversational speaking as they go.

You don’t necessarily have to grasp all aspects of sentence structure or even know every word to understand how the language flows. Babies learn language from hearing it spoken around them, and they begin learning to speak through practice. There are plenty of free Spanish lessons online, but most of them don’t offer this effective learning tool. Therefore, if you want to study Spanish effectively, you need to find innovative online Spanish courses that utilize conversational learning.

Begin Learning Spanish Today: Effective Online Learning Methods with Mondly

If you’re ready to take online Spanish lessons that work, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Mondly, an exciting platform that’s redefining the way people learn foreign languages.

Some features that make Mondly stand out include:

1. Virtual Conversations

Since engaging in real-life conversations is the most effective way to study Spanish, we’ve created the first virtual chatbot designed for practicing conversations. Using groundbreaking new speech-recognition technology, this feature helps you get a feel for what it’s like to naturally converse with a native speaker. You can even practice booking a hotel room, ordering food in a restaurant or other common interactions. It’s a great first step before attempting the same in real life, and other online Spanish classes don’t offer this.

2. A Variety of Languages

After you complete your online Spanish courses, you might be interested in learning another language as well. If so, you’ll be happy to know that Mondly teaches 33 different languages. Our app is helping people from all around the world learn how to communicate and connect to each other.

3. Leaderboards and Personal Statistics

Engaging with a community can help make online Spanish classes more fun. We offer leaderboards and personal statistics to help you keep track of your progress and see how you compare to others who are also learning.

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4. Highly Rated Online Spanish Courses

With over 20 million learners using our iOS, Android and Web application, we are now one of the top language apps in the world. We currently have a 4.7 star rating in GooglePlay and the AppStore from hundreds of thousands of learners thanks to the effectiveness of our program.

Spanish Lessons You Can Trust: Get Started Now

Are you ready to begin your free online Spanish classes with Mondly? We offer free Spanish lessons on any device so you can learn new words and phrases anytime, anywhere. Our bite-sized lessons keep you engaged while helping you absorb the Spanish language one day at a time. Get started today, and you’ll find yourself speaking Spanish sooner than you think. We’ve also recently launched a Spanish app for kids. You can download Mondly for Kids on your iOS or Android devices right now.

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