Leaderboards – June 2016

Which countries are the best in charts for learning American English? Which are the three languages most preferred by Russians?

Leaderboards – June 2016

Which countries are the best in charts for learning American English? Which are the three languages most preferred by Russians? And how many lessons did the whole world complete with Mondly in June?

Find out the answer to these questions and more in June’s Leaderboard results.


American English. Not quite the same learners as for British English

Mondly is the only language learning platform to offer American English as a language option. As much as some would expect that learners choose American English and British English alternatively, the Leaderboard gave us quite some interesting insights about the two language options.

While Turkey holds the top position for learning British English with over 1 million points in June, and Italy following close from behind, American English is most preferred by people in Brazil, who contributed with over 2.5 million points, followed closely by people in the United States. Yes, USA is the second most interested country in learning American English, according to the data in the Leaderboard.

english american english

Why is Israel the leading country for learning Hebrew with Mondly?

The most points in June for learning Hebrew were scored by… Israel. Double as many as the United States, which is next in line.

hebrew mondly

And here are a few more examples:


This can be somehow counter-intuitive, but if we take into account the fact that some countries have more than one widely spoken language, and also the global mobility phenomenon, it all starts to make sense.

Everyone has a different story and there are many reasons to learn a certain language. What’s important is that people choose to learn a new language with Mondly in order to build a connection with others and to become functional members of society. We are glad to be a part of their story.

Is English the most learned language out there?

A quick search will tell you that English is the 3rd most widely spoken language in the world. But what about learning English? Would you bet on it being the most learned language out there? We took data from 5 countries and found this:

top 3 languages

Asian languages gain momentum

Asian languages used to be accessible only to a small elite, mostly due to the non-latin alphabet. We turned that challenge into an opportunity. By introducing transliteration, people who use the latin alphabet can now learn Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Over 1 million people are already learning one or more of these languages with Mondly.

chinese mondly japanese mondly ko

These rankings are the direct result of many hours spent with Mondly – having fun with the Daily Lesson, learning a new language, or brushing-up a language learned in high school. The Leaderboard was released just a few months ago and it has already become an important motivating factor for language learners to use Mondly on a daily basis. When you complete a lesson with Mondly, you improve your chances to rank higher in your country’s leaderboard, and you also contribute to your country’s global ranking. Is your country in Top 3? Now’s your chance to make a difference. Learn a language now!

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